Canada’s Prime Minister sounds in on the vaccine issue, regarding some recent measles cases. Justin Trudeau declares that, “vaccines prevent outbreaks like this and save lives.” Let’s see what the science says and lets do some fact checking…….

1. At this added link we see that the measles vaccine (the MMR….measles, mumps and rubella vaccine) has killed more children than cases of the measles. How can someone fly the flag of “child care” as the basis for promoting vaccines, while ignoring confirmed and verified vaccine induced deaths of children? As for vaccines saving lives (a claim made by the Prime Minister)….the science declares that vaccines in fact take lives……and this truth is always hidden from the public.

2. At this added link we have a measles outbreak in Quebec City with 1363 confirmed cases of the measles, inside a population subset that had 99% vaccine coverage for the measles. That means everyone was already vaccinated with the MMR and the outbreak occurred anyway. Everyone lived as well. Trudeau not only lends support for 8 measles cases being an outbreak, when there were 1363 confirmed cases of measles in Quebec City in 1989 (in a fully vaccinated population) he also claims that vaccines prevent outbreaks like this. For this Trudeau scores a double fib……..8 measles cases isn’t an outbreak (but fear is indeed a good tool to move the public where you want them to go) and vaccines DO NOT prevent outbreaks like this. Trudeau also scores major points here as a modern beta male, for being a leader who’s easily spooked plus he proves he’s bought and paid for. What real alpha male gets afraid like this over nothing? A real alpha tells the truth and calms the tribe.

3. At this added link we have a medical doctor coming forward to explain exactly the opposite of what Justin Trudeau claims….that again the measles outbreaks of the past have been in predominantly vaccinated populations, vaccination does not prevent outbreaks and the measles vaccine has killed and crippled children for as long as the vaccine has been in circulation. How can anyone (let alone a leader of a country) claim “child care” as the reason they’re suggesting vaccinations while at the same time they ignore the fact that the vaccine being endorsed has killed and crippled children for decades? If you know how politics works, where a corporate headquarters is now disguised as government, you’ll already have your answer.

4. At this added link we have yet another medical doctor reviewing the “measles deaths” over the last 20 years in the US (3), where everyone that died was already sick and could have got the measles from the measles vaccine itself, (3 confirmed deaths from the measles over 20 years), while the measles vaccine has killed nearly 500 over the same time period.

5. At this added link we see the MMR vaccine insert itself, the legal warning that comes with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Not only does it list “atypical measles” as happening to people given the vaccine, it lists death and permanent injury as also occurring to people after taking the vaccine. (starts at the bottom of page 6) What that means is that you can get the measles from the measles vaccine and you can die or you can be crippled for life, all in black and white, from the vaccine maker themselves. So again how can a person claim “reduction of the measles” as why they endorse vaccination, yet the same person ignores the fact that getting the measles can happen when you get the measles vaccine?

Like a good sheep dog, our very corrupt government officials use fear to move the sheep herd in one direction or another. It may work with sheep Justin Trudeau but most Canadians aren’t sheep and we don’t like being ruled by false fear and misinformation from on high.