Sometimes the size of the illusion is so massive that it will cause the mind of the uninformed illusion dweller to shut down, based solely on how the ego would implode in upon itself if the truth was contemplated. Our society is built upon lie, after lie, after lie…….and the foundational lies are the most interesting when the research is conducted. You need a foundation to build any structure (as the freemasons know so well)……and a lie based society is no exception. One of the most interesting foundational lies are “countries”. Each country is fake and not just fake lines on a map, when no such geographical division exists in real time. Each country is sold as separate, when they’re not, for some very important reasons essential to human farming. Putin doesn’t “run” Russia, Trudeau doesn’t run Canada, Trump doesn’t run the United States and each other “leader” doesn’t run their own respective country. This is a foundational lie. Each country is run by a “behind the scenes” group, who uses various forms of Hollywood production, in order to create adversarial energy between the citizens of this planet. The benefits of this illusion based governing and control tactic are immense, inside the scheme of successful human farming……..

1) humans work best and are move productive within competitive situations. In order to “get things done” you must hijack the competitive drives of the human animal or they basically just sit around doing very little. For example, the small group who runs all countries will give “the humans” certain challenges and stated objectives, which only benefit our social engineers. If you tell all the humans at once (without the fake country tactic) that they need to invent a nuclear weapon (literally out of thin air and based on the imagination of our human farmers), very little would happen. But if you break the humans down into small teams or countries and say “each of you are now racing with the other team, in each other country, in order to invent the first nuclear weapon and the team who fails will most likely be annihilated by the other side”……you get the human cattle in each fake country moving quite quickly toward the end goal. Our human farmers don’t care which fake country gets the bomb done first, they just want the weapon. In fact, our human farmers are primarily interested in the humans inventing weapons and other pieces of high technology for them, in this exact manner……in order that our social engineers can best eliminate all of us. It’s only the human cattle who don’t know this of course.

2) the fake freedom based rituals organized by our human farmers like fake elections, fake budgets, fake taxes and fake government representation is an extremely dangerous power structure to manufacture……..if the humans every got together and all voted the same way. The seeds of its’ own destruction lay within this fake structure of government control that our human farmers have developed……..and they know this. You need the fake government elections and fake freedom rituals to keep the slaves believing that they have some form of control but you ALSO can never have all the humans come together at once and all vote unanimously against the system and in favor of voting in someone outside the control of the ruling group…….or you would have to shut the old illusion based system system down and resort back to the old “boot/gun to the face” overt method of human farming. This old violent and overt method of human control has been tried in the past and it doesn’t work for too long, it’s highly unstable and it often ends with many human farmers getting killed. In the end, you need to keep all the humans divided and pitted against each other if this system is going to work. You start big, with dividing people by country and then work your way down to always keeping them divided by race, gender, political ideology, education, religion, class, income, sports team, height, beauty, strength, occupation, what ever it takes….. etc etc……and you keep dividing until the slaves simply see themselves as different and adversarial to everyone around them, eliminating any chance that they’ll ever come together and simply take over the system. You even divide each human against themselves, within their own minds….by the use of various drugs, chemicals and dis-empowering belief systems. The largest division of people, into fake country categories, is where this process starts.

3) this sort of psychological manipulation can only continue so long before whistle blowers (from the inside) and more intelligent humans start to warn the other human cattle about what’s really going on. Our human farmers know this as well. This is where the biggest advantage of the “fake country” psy-op comes into play regarding the fake wars that can be organized between fake countries. If the same group owns all the countries already, why the fake wars? This is done for one reason and one reason only……and that’s to rid the herd of the strongest males on both sides, so that when the truth comes out, there are no strong males remaining to resist. Historically, this group of strong males has been the only force our human farmers have failed against, so it’s imperative that the alpha human male animal be removed from the species, so that only a small group of obedient beta males, frightened females and vaccine damaged/malnourished/chemically weakened and indoctrinated children remain. We’re already inside this final stage unfortunately. Our human farmers are now coming above ground and there’s very little resistance of course because the very strong and fierce male energy is now missing from the herd.

For more information on this on going illusion based fleecing of the sheep, please click this added link. It doesn’t matter if you see various “country” flags being sold at WalMart, you wave flags during your “national holidays”, you watch the Olympics and cheer for your country, you work the border between fake countries, you work security at an airport between fake countries or you get an A+ for naming the fake countries on a map…….you’re being psychologically manipulated into a very specialized form of soft kill euthanasia and genocide. Think you’re too smart to be fooled? Think again. This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm.