The mind control was in full force within this Hollywood propaganda piece. (besides the movie itself being very poorly directed and edited) The way mind control works in these cases is very simple. The subconscious mind tracks everything on the screen but the conscious mind only tracks the fear based events that are immediate. The conscious mind takes care of tracking the immediate threats, like the ghosts and other fear based actions and the subconscious mind tracks the entire movie screen (without you knowing it), in order to literally categorize and library everything it sees, in order to analyze and tabulate that information. The information your subconscious scans, analyzes and libraries is sorted in regards to how best you can fit into the immediate environment for safety and security based purposes. If you don’t understand that there’s a part of your brain that literally watches and libraries everything it sees………watch the video below.

Your subconscious directs what you need to do, say and how to act… order to be like everyone else in the herd. What this means is that the subconscious mind remembers every movie, TV show or real life event it’s ever seen and then mocks up the most common behaviors for you to mimic……simply because mimicking the herd is the primary behavior that the human genome uses to acquire safety. In the end, your conscious mind tracks the immediate dangers on the movie or TV screen….for immediate safety and security motivations. The subconscious mind looks for patterns in the full range of material, to help develop long term strategies for fitting in with the herd and complying with the most common behaviors synthesized from all that information.And this is why our social engineers make sure to keep the patterns very similar between all movies and TV shows, so the subconscious picks up the patterns and then adjusts its’ behavior to conform to what it sees.

Each patterned insert or object in the vast majority of media is designed to down regulate a human’s health, brain function and genetic material. The common objects and themes in Goosebumps 2 (that can be found in many other Hollywood productions) were 1) coffee consumption by young adults (because coffee destroys health and inflicts a very particular form of brain damage) 2) the single mother raising children (inserted with the intent of helping lubricate the destruction of the family unit) 3) vaccination and medical intervention (during a scene with the mother and daughter in a pharmacy…….there’s a long list of vaccines hidden to the right of the scene, with the most toxic vaccination listed at the top, the flu shot and the flu shot is proven a militarized weapon used against the public) and 4) the most well hidden agenda of the last decade, which is the mixed race agenda. This agenda isn’t even subtle by any stretch but people don’t really recognize it regardless. Research into mixed race couples shows less parental bonding with the offspring because of dissimilar physical markers (parents bond with their children based on similar physical traits) and some other research shows mixed race children are much more prone to disease. There are many more common behaviors and objects highlighted in all media and people need to understand how they’re being programmed for disaster and what the end game is for our sinister and very ancient social engineers. You can also use psychology and neuroscience to uplift a society of course……but in our world, that isn’t what’s happening. Your behavior is being driven into you using documented neuroscience and it’s being sold to you as freedom, free will and free choice. Maybe it’s time to start paying attention.