This movie has some of the key foundational (ruling family) mind control tactics in it, so let’s run those down first…..even though they’re often the same in every Hollywood release. a) single mother programming b) interracial couple programming c) end of the world programming and d) weak, drunk, addicted, scrawny, disorganized white beta male programming……next to the empowered, super strong, able female hero.

What’s really interesting about this movie is that an invisible entity gets people to kill themselves but only after the people look at the entity directly, while it’s light out. That’s why the people wear blind folds in the movie poster, because this entity can’t kill you itself directly, it gets you to kill yourself…..but only if you look at it when the sun is out. So if you look INTO THE LIGHT, you end up killing yourself. This “look into the light and kill yourself idea” is simply a reflection of the already WELL DOCUMENTED mind control tactics libraried by our social engineers throughout history, regarding how humans can indeed be programmed to kill themselves by looking into the light of their TV’s, movie screens and basically anything else they see in the light. (stage plays, government ceremonies, cultural rituals etc)

To make a long psychological explanation really short, humans are primarily programmed through their eyes (via what they see) and it’s been proven that you can program a human through what they see, in the exact same way you can program a computer. For more information on how the human mind can be hacked to literally make people kill themselves either slowly (via fluoride, meds, booze, narcotics, sugar, junk food, vaccines, mercury teeth fillings, back breaking schedules, working jobs they hate etc) or kill themselves immediately like a Kamikaze pilot or modern solider etc…….this list of mind control documentaries (far below) can clearly demonstrate exactly why TV and movies are the primary weapon used against the slave class, so the slaves end up destroying themselves either directly (hard kill) or over longer periods, known as the soft kill.

In this video another researcher notices the some of the same trends in media especially regarding interracial couples……….

A page I greatly admire (Black Pilled)…… the same movie, to find the similar issues.

Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control
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Adam Curtis – The Century of Self
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