I was talking to a high level government official over the holidays and as he walked through the shopping mall, past the food court, he said…….”And we wonder why our enemies are licking their chops at what’s going on over here. I’m pretty sure the people behind our borders don’t understand the forces amassing against us, on our borders or just beyond…..and the reason they’re pushing so hard to take a run at us is because we’re easy pickings over here………fat, confused, afraid of guns, addicted, drugged up and weak.” As he waived his hand toward the people sitting in the food court he said, “do you think these fucking people would get up and defend themselves from any sort of foreign conquest attempt……” He laughed and his point was obvious, as the food court looked more like the bar from Star Wars than a collection of human beings.

And yes, this has been all engineered by our ancient cultural enemies of course, which baffles people here and causes them to shut down……that all our social decay is completely orchestrated because our historical enemies took over our government and media long ago. Sure we’re free but only in the areas that don’t count. Our enemies laugh at us, because we can’t see it.

First they told us that hedonism was the purest form of freedom. That is the bait our psyches couldn’t resist. The told us to get high on our self centered, self involved, shallow, inverted, perverted, illogical, irrational, life destroying and toxic hedonism……each, day, every day. We wanted women out of the house, so no one would take care of the children and so women would be less repressed…….so it happened. We wanted everyone to have sex with whom ever and what ever they wanted…….so it happened. We wanted our emotions and successes to be swallowed in pill form, instead of building a life that would make us happy……so it happened. We wanted to make sure lazy people, who didn’t want to work, were cared for by the state…….so it happened. We wanted unqualified people to take jobs from qualified people, for inclusion sake……so it happened. We wanted to have kids but also wanted nothing to do with raising them……so it happened. We wanted the government to run our entire lives, so we could focus more on pursuing good time emotions…..so it happened. Like an Oprah gift giving show gone mad, “he gets hedonism, she gets hedonism……..everyone gets hedonism”. Little did we know, we were all being stalked and hunted the entire time.

In no time flat the “planet mental asylum and hedonism gone wild” lifestyle took off, sucking and fucking its’ way into the minds of the general public. “Give us more of what feels good!!!” screamed the zombie like public. “Eat and consume until you drop!!” screamed the corrupt government and satanic media. So our old ways collapsed and our society collapsed along with it, without any foundation under it………….because that was always the trick. We destroyed everything we needed to keep us stable, sane and safe……….but we replaced what “kinda of worked” with NOTHING. Everyone was so quick to change……but they forget to replace the ideals they destroyed with something that could sustain our society. NOW, NOTHING IS WORKING………..and that was the plan the entire time. Fooled you AGAIN. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Epic meltdown

Watch this epic meltdown over cashier calling a transgender customer “sir”

Posted by RT on Sunday, December 30, 2018