I was sent a video from a conservative political party in Australia regarding the “Muslim Invasion”, as they say. I won’t put it up because it could be considered inflammatory. It was designed to rally people against the collapse of many euro-original countries around the world, including Australia. The political party in question (conservative) reviewed many Muslim based cultural aspects, which weren’t like ours. After watching it and reviewing how the Muslim culture operates and after reviewing the other side (our side), it was obvious that the euro-original nations really have no interest in surviving and will not survive at all, next to a very cohesive Muslim culture that knows exactly what it takes to sustain and perpetuate itself. The video had the opposite effect on me. I thought to myself….”regardless of any other factor, these people know how to sustain their way of life……and we do not.”

Without getting into a complex analysis, the euro-original cultures appear lazy and simply have been tricked by corrupt media (and an even more corrupt government) to believe that living is nothing more than a non stop hedonistic, self gratifying, shallow, self centered pursuit of chemical pleasures and mindless consumption. Even on the most basic level, North Americans can’t even maintain the 2.3 child birth rate per family required to maintain its’ own culture. We’re simply too concerned with having enough money to shop, sedate, distract and adorn ourselves in materialism. We’re so distracted over here that we forgot why we get married and have kids in the first place, which is to strengthen and maintain our own culture. Then if we do have children we make them weak, dysfunctional and diseased with every toxic medical application in the book plus foods not fit for a maggot to consume. Not only can we not have enough children because we have genetic amnesia regarding what a penis and vagina are really for, we destroy our own children if they happen to be born.

On the other hand, the Muslim culture is well above the 2.3 child birth rate per family needed to maintain and grow any civilization. Throw in their views on alcohol, compared to the slovenly euro-cultures who have their potential vaporized daily in a tsunami of alcohol and other soul pulverizing toxins…..and the numbers are clearly stacked against us. Saying all this, the euro-original cultures have one card up their sleeves, which is our Satanic cut, poison and burn medical system in collusion with our extremely corrupt government plus our mocking bird media system. What this means is that when other cultures come over here to live, our Satanic medical/government/science/media leviathan will also poison that culture back into the stone age as well…….poisoning and hacking anything alive into nothingness, until there’s nothing really left to talk about. (just like it did to us) So in the end, I know the euro-original cultures are literally too inept and corrupt to maintain themselves (they can’t even use their penises and vaginas correctly at this point)……but anyone coming to take our place be warned, our corrupt institutions will also pile the bodies of your nations skyward as well, so be very careful what you wish for.