I once sought higher meaning in life by visiting a wise man. This wise man, I later discovered, was most likely one of the most well read and well researched men on the planet at the time. I only found this out later. He told me during one of my first visits that if someone ever uses the word “love” followed by the word “but”, it’s never about love…..it’s about control and comes with self serving motivations.

I see parents today who proclaim that they love their children but they circumcise, vaccinate, avoid co-sleeping, manifest unhealthy bodies to provide unhealthy breast milk for their children (if any breast milk is given at all), they place microwave radiating wireless devices in and around their children, they feed their children junk, they microwave the food they feed their children (leaving that food rotten and dead), they offer their children as tribute and sacrifice on the stainless steel altars of our eugenic medical system, they place the children in day care at the earliest age possible and they encourage the children with force to participate in a school system that’s designed around the concept of “limited learning for life long labor”. That phrase regarding our Prussian based education system directly from a government whistle blower who’s job it was to dumb down the children around the world, using government run school systems, so there would be a never ending work force provided to the ruling elite for their wars, factory jobs and administration positions within the machine.

I love my child but….I will ONLY do what I’m told and if that means setting my child up for a lifetime of mental and physical dysfunction so I personally can fit in with the herd, that’s what I’m going to do. I love my child BUT the decisions I make for my child will reflect how those decisions either lubricate or hold back my standing in our inverted and suffering based society. I’m going to raise my kid, not placing my kid first, but by placing my need to fit in first. It’s me first, my child second. If I need to vaccinate to feel safer personally inside our child abuse death cult society, I will do it. If I need to get a massive tattoo for $500 to fit in and then say I can’t afford organic for my kids, I will do it. If I need to leave my kids with others constantly so I can shop the latest fashions and perpetually pleasure myself, I will do it. I love my kid BUT……. Just some of the “norms” that destroy children both physically and mentally below. What’s hurting our children the most? Parents who don’t understand the attack children are under by government, science, medicine and media. Learn how unhealthy and dangerous each item listed below is by clicking on the link. Protect your children.

1. Antibiotics – http://bit.ly/1EwiQpP
2. Children’s Tylenol – http://bit.ly/1fTANmo
3. Wheat Bread – http://bit.ly/1fTAOXv
4. Cow’s Milk – http://bit.ly/1y29gSB
5. Vaccination – http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm
6. Commercial Fruit Juice – http://bit.ly/1VuoJrZ
7. Vitamin K Shot – http://bit.ly/1L1L3BM
8. Infant Formula – http://bit.ly/1igTAtU
9. Cell Phones/Wireless Internet – http://bit.ly/1XcDVf4
10. Commercial Vitamins – http://bit.ly/1IFvTk1
11. Microwaved Food – http://bit.ly/1oZ3YJx
12. Mercury Teeth Fillings – http://bit.ly/1PJERSA
13. Teflon/non stick pans – http://bit.ly/1Fhg4zX
14. Fluoride Tooth Paste – http://bit.ly/1UpYTD3
15. Pesticides on Non Organic Foods and The Lawn – http://bit.ly/1JwdAj0
16. C-sections – http://bit.ly/1w88Ts8
17. Ultra Sounds – http://bit.ly/1Q6TZub
18. Plastic Containers – http://bit.ly/1KEw7hl
19. GMO Foods – http://bit.ly/1L1LYSL
20. Smart Meters – http://bit.ly/1KpuS6Y
21. Soy Products – http://bit.ly/1L11Rxg
22. A Mother’s Unhealthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Before and During Pregnancy – http://bit.ly/1WLjFjA
23. Chemtrails (the lines in the sky) – http://bit.ly/2kvQXKf
24. Behavior Medication – http://bit.ly/1GHpCVD
25. Circumcision – http://bit.ly/1Q6JLwE
26. Medical Kidnapping – http://bit.ly/1VKh7Fb
27. Living Near Power Lines – http://bit.ly/1SDVdm6
28. Medical System Birthing – induction medication, epidurals, medical traumas for mother and baby that lead to massive psychological problems for everyone in the family unit – http://bit.ly/2b3h6KL
29. Sugar and Junk Food – http://bit.ly/1sXZyhh
30. Smart TV’s – http://bit.ly/2omecDO
31. The Prussian Based Education Model – http://bit.ly/1WBrskX

Please let me know if any of the links aren’t working and I will find them again, in a world where the darkness is busy hiding the truth.