If you ever hear a person say, “my doctor has me on anti depressants” or “my doctor told me I had to take this cholesterol medication“, or “my doctor told me I could only come off my blood pressure medication in a couple of months” you often notice that the people uttering such phrases out source their personal responsibility to third parties on a consistent basis……and not just with their health. The obvious issues involved with out sourcing your health to people who can’t make anyone healthy, is an idea we’ll leave alone in this post. Eating poison can’t make anyone healthy and it was never designed to. Lets move on to what this post is really about.

The question to be asked here is, “why do people murder the part of themselves that knows better and why do people constantly fall in love with systems that tell them exactly what to do with their lives?” Why give up on the idea of self determination and independence? The answer is quite simple and it’s because when you give up control of your life to others, you can never be wrong.

The fear of being wrong is a fear programmed into humans often through dysfunctional parenting and a Prussian based school system, which trains children to constantly strive to give the correct answer or be punished. This psychological scarring is so deep on the child psyche that as these children morph into adulthood, nothing matters more than giving the right answer and avoiding the punishments. In our society, eating like shit and living a unhealthy lifestyle is the right answer, because it’s what the majority are doing. Then hauling our diseased bodies into the hospital so we can jam toxic drugs into our mouths, along with our garbage food, is also the right answer, because again, that’s what the majority are doing. There’s safety in the herd and so the right answer is always taking your place next to the other human cattle, and avoiding the fear of punishment. The punishments and rewards dictate the right answer. Today people are rewarded for doing the wrong things and that’s why our culture is collapsing. It’s no accident. It’s a trap of course but there’s more to explain here.

When someone out sources their life to other people, institutions or even Gods, their fear of punishment is extinguished right away because when your life goes in the shitter (and it always will when you let others drive your life bus) you get to blame everyone else but yourself. This means you can never be punished for giving the wrong answer simply because by out sourcing your personal responsibility to others, you don’t give any answer at all. You just sit there and let everyone else take over your life. In this way, you can never be wrong because you don’t take a stand on anything. That’s how big our fear of punishment can be. We turn into a super slave controlled by everyone else, because the fear of us actually personally failing ourselves is too much to bear. Unfortunately by never trying and never experiencing failure, we never grow or evolve as well. We then get to blame the doctor, the government, the coach, the guru, the boss or even God for the lives we’re not involved in. By renting our life out to everyone else, you get to blame everyone else and therefore you get to avoid the punishments that come with being wrong…….inside a society that wants to kill anyone who doesn’t give the right answer. It’s a stupid way to live and it can never bring anyone true happiness.

That’s why very few people want to truly control their own lives, because their fear of failure (a normal experience in a true adult life) is so imprinted into them by dysfunctional parenting and our Prussian based school system, that people just give up their lives to the people in authority positions…………which was always the design of the system folks. Classic psychology declares that a child wants to give the right answer for fear of the parent taking their love away. That’s dysfunctional parenting 101, ruling the children through fear. Then our Prussian school system steps up to the plate and uses grades (symbols of love given or love taken away), to mind melt the child’s psyche into becoming obsessed with pleasing authority, by always attempting to give the answer that the authority figure wants to hear…..even if the answer the authority figure requires is illogical and irrational. This drives all forms of corrupt behavior in our society today, with everything from vaccination to circumcision and from cheering for war to working immoral jobs for the ruling 1%. The vast majority of people today do everything they’re doing in a day, not because it makes rational sense, but because they’re afraid not to, because if they didn’t, they would be punished……because it wasn’t the right answer. The right answer is what the authority figure wants to hear and today the great majority of authority figures are shallow, self serving, immoral, unethical psychopaths……by definition. That’s our society right there. Slaves pleasing slave masters because it’s an easier and lazy way to conduct one’s affairs on this planet.

It’s a slave based production factory by DESIGN. So what’s the solution? Do what needs to done. Say what needs to be said. Unslave. Reject the poison. Live healthy. Quit the cult. Leave the human farm and don’t stop evolving into the best version of yourself just because it upsets some of the local zombies down in your local area. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences. Take back control of your life today. Stop giving the answer that authority expects and start giving the only answer that will make a difference. That answer is the truth. The truth has no agenda. There is one truth, never two. You will be punished. You can take it. Tell them the truth anyway.