Humans are reactive to emotion. This is why humans smile in pictures because it conveys positive emotion. This is also why you’re not permitted to smile in passport photos because it coveys positive emotion and that emotion can change the mind of the person viewing it. E-motion literally is an ancient word for “magic” in motion. The idea behind not smiling in passport photos is “without emotion involved, it’s easier to focus on the reality of the person handing you the passport.”

Emotion can alter reality and that’s why the politicians who can smile the widest, tell the biggest emotion packed lies and give the best emotion packed speeches can make the slave class pretend they’re free and can make those same slaves vote for people who rule them without their consent in anyway what so ever. (Barack Obama could be the best emotion based bullshitter of our modern time) Emotion rules the human mind, not logic or rational thought. Humans are extremely easy to manipulate emotionally, which is the opposite of trying to steer their behavior with with facts, logic or rational thought. When someone leads an emotional life, things can get pretty disastrous, pretty fast.

For example, alcohol is proven to cause cancer, reduce lifespan in any amount, cause depression and inflict permanent brain damage. Those are the facts but they don’t stand a chance against the emotional feel good fireworks that alcohol creates in the body or mind. This is why we see humans poisoning themselves with alcohol in order to acquire emotion. Our human farmers are well aware of this fact and they routinely manipulate us emotionally for their own benefit. Another example is vaccination. Vaccines are listed as toxic and ineffective by the very pharmaceutic companies who make them, documented as such on their own vaccine inserts. Those are the facts but those facts don’t stand a chance against the emotional feel good fireworks generated in the human brain when a human is told that injecting themselves with documented toxins will magically make them “healthier”. Does poison work that way? Of course not….but that’s the danger of living an emotion packed existence instead of a logical one. In my upcoming workshop on overcoming self sabotage, I’ll provide firm solutions for assessing and analyzing our current modern day environment……and how to apply more logic, when big life decisions are in play. Self sabotage is nothing more than a chronic string of emotion based decisions, absent of logic and rational thought.