One family in Italy. 3 children born healthy. 2 children die shortly after their vaccinations. The other child is crippled for life from the vaccine. With every injection, the doctor stated, “vaccine reactions are rare” and “there’s nothing to worry about”. World governments purposely mislabel and hide vaccine induced death or injury, so how can a doctor declare “reactions are rare”? How can a doctor declare vaccines are “safe and effective” when the vaccine makers themselves declare openly that each vaccine can kill and cripple? How can a doctor declare vaccines are “safe and effective” when our court system categorizes that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”? The reason doctors lie to their patients is simple and it’s also quite frightening. Here’s why…….

Our educational programs, within our society, are all ego strengthening structures. The ego is the part of the mind that believes, “it’s too smart to be fooled”. We all have an ego but the chilling reality is that our education systems don’t really transfer knowledge, but only strengthen ego. It really doesn’t matter what branch of education someone chooses to attach themselves to, the higher the education level attained (Bachelors degree, Masters, PhD etc etc) the more the ego is strengthened. So our system of “education” and “knowledge” is nothing more than a system of processing a human to ignore their immediate reality in favor of having the ego declare “I’m too smart to be fooled”. When we go into see a doctor or anybody carrying a PhD in anything, we’re literally walking into see a person who has the least potential to process reality outside their own egos. This is the reality most of the public can’t comprehend, that the people we’re taught to trust are the least capable of taking in all the information and making logical decisions with that information. If that doesn’t wake someone up, that our education systems are designed to produce non thinking drone bots, here’s something else you may like to ponder.

The entire medical structure we have today was originally an organization who worked directly for the Pope, as his personal group of assassins. People who are highly educated and with large egos will reject that (even though it’s easily confirmed) because they think they’re too smart to be fooled……..and that’s OK. Regardless, this is why medical doctors are ego strengthened to the point they are……..because when you work inside a genocidal structure designed to poison, cut and burn the population into a permanent state of dysfunction, you’re going to need people working in it who have no possible way to process what’s actually going on……and that’s where a doctor’s titanium strengthened ego comes in. Many medical doctors are now coming forward to speak of the eugenic applications within conventional medicine and that’s because they’ve removed their egos from the equation, only to see once again with the eyes they have. Here’s a short list of just some of those medical doctors who speak openly about the dangers of vaccines because they’ve removed the programmed blindness of their strengthened egos. When a doctor believes they’re too smart to be fooled, they’re prime to be taken advantage of by the ancient forces who’ve organized the medical industry.



The more insane a sinister agenda, the more you would need to strengthen a person’s ego, so they can work inside it and IGNORE exactly what’s going on. Have you ever thought about it like that? Have you ever thought that the con job is so vast and so well designed that our education systems don’t really educate but are only there to strengthen ego, so people become fully compliant reflexively obedient slack jawed order followers, with no ability to process their reality? My ego allows me to ponder that option, when most people just think it can’t be real, because it would mean “they’ve been fooled”. Think about it and when you’re thinking about it, watch the video…..remembering that this medical doctor lied right to the faces of these parents and literally vaccine poisoned each child in succession, killing 2 and crippling one for life. How exactly is that possible, for the doctor not to see that he’s killing the children? Do you believe you’re too smart to be fooled?