If there’s one dysfunctional foundation to our society, which allows evil to walk openly among us, it’s the idea that any negative emotions are bad. I was talking to a 12 year old last week, who’s drugged with psychotropic medications, within an inch of his life. The drugs of course are proven to cause brain damage, increased behavior problems, suicide, additional depression, irrational behavior, heart attack. stroke etc etc. All listed side effects reviewed in the video at the bottom of this page. So the poison can kill you (as poison is proven to do) but it can also make you happier? Does that make any logical sense? And is the boy happy? Of course not. He’s disconnected from feeling his real emotions of course, and that’s the goal………because a human who feels their emotions is a threat to the state. If you feel yourself stepping on a nail, you lift your leg up really fast and make a change. The pain is your signal to make a move. The focus of our society is to sedate, medicate and lobotomize the entire collective, so we never get off the nail. A form of tyranny that’s never felt because everyone’s high, drunk, lobotomized, brain damaged, sedated, medicated, distracted or literally paid to stay standing on the nail (even if our entire leg is rotting) and to encourage others to do the same. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

I asked this medicated kid, “what happens if you don’t take these drugs?” and he said, “I freak out!“. Now what would be so bad or unsane if he freaked out, given the world he lives in? He’s being poisoned by the people charged with his care and that poisoning is being cheer-leaded by every institution he attends within our soulless culture. He’s processed daily through an institutional machine where his end destination is working a job he won’t enjoy, in order to buy things he doesn’t need, only to medicate further on the weekends so he never feels the festering wound in his chest, where his heart used to be. He’s fed junk by the people charged with his care. His media influences purposely provide negative role modelling, to further make him completely dysfunctional on all levels, in order to increase his dependence on our corrupt system, to the point where there’s no possible way he can take care of himself, as he ages into adulthood. And I say “ages” into adulthood because today the goal of the system is to have children trapped in adult bodies…..who act, think and behave as children. This is what this 12 year old sees being done to him, so of course he’s freaking out. He should be freaking out. He needs to get the fuck out of there because his life is at risk. That’s how the body is designed, if its’ existence is threatened. You get massive waves of highly charged emotional energy, to fight your way to freedom and safety. I personally freak out everyday and that’s a good thing because if everyone freaked out, this corrupt and immoral system would collapse overnight, and that’s what we need. But we medicate the emotions that tell us to change, so we stay stepping on the nail, so we stay stuck in our stuckness, so the wound in our foot rots and is encased with maggots. As we rot, so does our society. As we kill our emotions, we become non human. As we become non human, we don’t care about what’s happening to humanity. If this continues, no real human will remain.

I know a teacher who’s involved in the system that cares for this child. She as well was taught that negative emotions are bad. She’s had her average hardships in life but her family is HARDCORE that any negative emotion should never be felt or exposed to the public. So her life is a perpetual pursuit of distraction, sedation and medication…….all designed so she can drive the negative emotions back into the depths of her soul, so she can abstain from listening to how loud the Universal source of intelligence is screaming at her to make a change and step off the nail in her foot. She’s about 250lbs, smokes dope, drinks too much, eats junk food every single day, lies to herself every single day about her behavior, pretends she’s in complete control of her life and takes the same anti depressant medication that the 12 year takes. Is she happy? You already know the answer. She’s numb and that’s it. Every time she feels a real human emotion she rolls a joint, guzzles a couple glasses of wine and dives head first into the fridge to teach her body who’s boss and to remind herself that being a fully functional human being isn’t going to get in her way of the shitty existence she now calls living. She will die very early by ignoring the nail in her foot, as we all will. And our entire society is next because of the mind control program that being a real human is bad, that feeling real emotions is bad and that making changes (and moving to greener pastures) because of negative emotions is also bad. This is Jason Christoff reporting life from the human farm.