I know a lady who is only happy when she makes everyone else happy……and as fate goes, she’s never happy. This is called OUTWARD FOCUS, the harvesting of life energy from the external. Outward focus is a recipe for complete misery and a wasted life.

I know a guy who bought a fancy car, works hard on his outward appearance, wears the right clothes, gets the right tattoos, has the right cell phone…..you know the type. Everything is present to the outward audience like things are absolutely perfect…….but he’s also miserable. This is a person who has always relied on the approval and energy of others to charge his battery. Once we become addicted to charging our battery from the outside in this manner, we lose our shot at true happiness because happiness can only come from charging our battery internally, through genuine connection to what really matters. I know people who drink wine to numb themselves, who watch TV to experience pleasure, who smoke dope to escape and who get plastic surgeries to make people look their way…..this is all external ENERGY VAMPERISM. The need to steal what we need from something else outside of ourselves, because we’re empty on the inside. Always trying to connect to others for validation of our existence because we’re doing, saying and owning all the right stuff that the TV and magazines declare make us good people. So many get trapped in this cycle of futility. I was in this trap at one time myself. When you’re ready to really be happy, you’ll have to give up trying to siphon, harvest and steal life energy from external sources and fill yourself up from the inside. Once you learn what that means and how to do it, then reenter the world and reconnect with others. Only then will you be able to steer your ship to the land of true happiness.