In an interesting turn of events, facebook has deactivated my facebook account most likely because I…..a) made a remark directly against the Queen of England, who literally owns much more than you’ve been told or b) they don’t want too many more people getting told about what’s really happening in the world today.

I have appealed the deactivation and await their response. For now, an interesting video below about more things you’re not told about……things your human farmers don’t want you to ever find out about.

Protect yourself folks, first and foremost by getting healthy. Our social engineers work day and night driving toxins and poisons into the food, water, medicines and air…….in order to cause a chemical lobotomy of the public at large. With this form of brain damage….a person can’t see patterns, can’t connect the dots and can’t think beyond the superficial control grid laid out for them. No re-education is even necessary. Remove the toxins, the body and mind will repair themselves in short order…….and then everything else comes into focus immediately and automatically. Power to the people. Lets hope the lobotomized people in the corrupt positions of government and corporate power, take their health seriously, and awaken before it’s too late.