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I’ve said it maybe 400 times on this page. Evil is always after the children and evil is a real force of course, recorded as such through the ages. This is why EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards, as to alert the inept humans of today (in the word itself) what evil is famous for…….the opposite of life, which is DEATH. If there is a premature death, evil is often the invisible culprit. A fact completely lost on the average person today.

What evil knows is how to fool the uninformed and not too bright humans, regarding killing children and calling it “science” or “medicine” or having something to do with “government.” You also reframe the murders as “doctors” or “scientists” to calm the humans down after the killing is complete. This primes the humans to allow evil’s killing of the children in plain sight. You call the killing “science experiments” and then feed the humans their mind numbing coffees, alcohols, junk food, toxic meds, vaccines, mercury teeth fillings, fluoride….and tell the neuro damaged humans what to think through “the mocking bird media”, which evil took over long ago.

So as the stunned bunny of a human sips his lobotomizing coffee, down at the local coffee shop of lost souls with the rest of the drone bot slaves, each slave says exactly what the news told them to say and the brain damaging substances (that pass as food and drink) keep those moron humans too stupid to think for themselves. It’s an effective system and evil loves it of course. It’s painful to watch, when you don’t have the brain damage, which others obviously have full force. The children are killed or crippled for life and the adults who were sent here by the creator to protect the children as their only job on this planet……fail again and again. Heaven is a ghost town, hell is empty, the devils are here……and God is doing a massive face palm DAILY because evil fools the humans like no other time in living memory.