There’s something going on with energy…..something beyond what we can see with our eyes. I believe this has always been going on yet it’s never talked about, even though I also believe that it was indeed talked about openly in most ancient societies. For example, there appears to be a large group of people out there today who can’t generate their own energy internally and therefore they must vampirize it from others. I for example seem to have developed internal energy stores (a full battery charge) through proper exercise, nutrition, health, sleep, goal focus etc……..where it appears that I can go much longer in my week with very little human connection what so ever, not really needing to charge my battery off the energy of others.

Many others must be completely engaged in energy extraction from the people around them through conversation, screen interaction, conflict interaction (drama), phone calls, perpetual crisis etc etc. These people appear needy but is it all because they lack the proper energy to run their own metabolic systems…..and are these energy vampires a threat to healthier people who take the time to foster energy within themselves?

It’s psychologically proven that humans need to connect but are they connecting to recharge an invisible battery, sort of like every interaction is either a giving or taking energy interaction in some way. As I walk anywhere…….I get stopped, even when I’m taking a piss or when I’m literally in the middle of a hard exercise at the gym that needs my full attention. It’s starting to become obvious that the more energy healthy people have, the more a target they become and the unhealthier the person, the more they need to force the connection and energy transfer. The more unhealthy the person it appears, the more they become an energy vampire and it would make logical sense to believe that due to their unhealthy lifestyle, they can’t hold “a battery charge” internally for too long. Some people are so unhealthy, it appears they can’t hold a charge internally what so ever. Healthy people appear content living off their stored battery charge and although they’re not rejecting of human interaction, they don’t need this constant energy interplay to feel good about themselves energetically, emotionally, spiritually etc. In order for our society to find peace again, we must foster and cultivate inside, what we’ve been told to seek outside.