Lady believes her low iron is making her weak and fatigued. First thing I tell her is, “your coffee and tea are proven to make you weak and fatigued, just on their own…..and your coffee and tea block iron absorption as well.” This lady’s story is common in our society. She drinks poison every morning in the form of coffee (tea later in the day) and all poisons remove light (life force) from the body, leaving the person short of their natural “charge” or energy. Then they go to the doctor to say, “I don’t feel so good, I’m tired”. The doctor NEVER reviews the habits, diet, thought patterns, beliefs, fridge, emotional stressors or kitchen cupboards of the patient and ALWAYS suggests adding more poison into the mix. A doctor only gets paid when you’re sick, not when you’re healthy. Not only that, it’s obvious that no one who sees their doctor on a regular basis is healthy and that a patient who takes the most drugs is the most unhealthy……while someone who takes no medical drugs is the most healthy. A lesson in logic completely lost on the average media indoctrinated drone bot repeater order follower type today.

And here’s the biggest secret. There’s a reason the body won’t absorb iron when caffeine is in the blood and that’s because IRON GROWS CANCER and caffeine primes the body for cancerous growth through the reduction of water, which reduces effective cellular communication, which in turn grows cancer. Caffeine primes the body for cancer and the body is just trying to protect you. So the body isn’t malfunctioning at all…….the owner of the body is.

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