With people talking about the miracles of CBD oil (it’s legal for everyone in Canada) I decided to give it a try. CBD oil has no THC, which is the compound in marijuana that greatly disturbs neurological function. THC marijuana is legal in Canada of course as well but I don’t alter my brain function as a rule. I like my current brain function, it serves me well. I like my reality and have no need for any break from that reality during the day. My life is fine the way it is.

So I get a small vial of “health providing CBD oil” (no THC) and use it as directed, ingesting it in the evening hours. I was told it calms the body, helps sleep and increases restoration. I am more than suspect when “government” gets behind anything because of course government is no way directed by the will or the best interests of the people. The casinos, liquor stores, poisonous medical system, toxic vaccines, fluoride in water supplies. cancer causing wifi in the schools and the poisoned food supply here in Canada tells you everything you need to know about that. Yes, the government loves us, they’re just poisoning everyone back into the stone age because we asked them to when we voted. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it. So when government steps forward to endorse a full marijuana blitz on a society, of course I have my reservations given that government is nothing more than legalized lying, bribery, trauma based mind control and corruption…….fully outside the directed will of the people.

After taking the CBD, I don’t really get an improved sleep. It actually takes longer to get to sleep. I do have more vivid dreams, which is said to help the mind maintain mental health. I don’t wake up feeling less tired and I have a very unique “full court” headache each time, which goes away when I start moving around. The biggest effect is more than obvious…….my muscles are smaller and I know this effect EXTREMELY WELL, it’s higher estrogen levels and lower testosterone. My sex drive is also much lower, which confirms for me this effect. When I stop the CBD, I get a testosterone rebound effect within a week, which is another confirmatory sign that the CBD cut my testosterone off. When I return to the CBD I get the same catabolic muscle shrinking, lower sexual function observations. So knowing what I’m seeing and knowing exactly what is going on, I hit the internet quickly and find some articles in this area. Many studies show that smoking THC and ingesting THC (which I am not doing) lowers testosterone. I also notice that heavy THC users I know personally aren’t that masculine or muscular as well. Many I know have altered sexual function, with their penises not being as “reliable” as they would like. Every article about CBD does say it influences sex hormones production, but it appears the jury is out a bit, with CBD either decreasing testosterone or keeping it the same. To me and for me personally, it’s more than obvious at this point………it appears CBD makes me less male. I will continue to experiment until the vial is gone and report back.