As I’m preparing my food this morning (and my dog’s food) my daughter starts to tell me about some odd teachings at school regarding food and nutrition. I of course already know the indoctrination ambush that’s hurdled toward children (and the public in general) regarding the Canadian Food Guide or what I call the slave’s guide to unhealthy and slave based eating. You must keep the slaves you control unhealthy, weak and diseased if you’re going to rule them effectively. Simple stuff…and that’s what the Canadian Food Guide, USDA Food Pyramid and other similar eating structures around the world are really for. They’re nutrition based lies designed to poison the population into perpetual servitude and keep all of humanity away from its true potential. For the Queen and King to stay strong, the slaves must stay weak… feed them poison.

During this state sponsored indoctrination session a young girl comes up to my daughter and says, “your Dad is a health coach, you must drink lots of milk, because you’re so tall” and my daughter says “I don’t drink any milk, I never have, I’ve had very few yogurts in my life but that’s it for dairy.” Of course this perplexed the young lady who doesn’t know that the people who control the system are lying to her purposely regarding the foods she’s supposed to consume…….so she stays sick, shorter and health challenged for life.

How much proof is there that cow’s milk makes your bones stronger, makes you taller or makes you healthier? ABSOLUTELY ZERO of course but there is a massive cache of research that proves milk makes you sick STRAIGHT ACROSS THE BOARD……and that’s because this is the exact design of the milk recommendations in the first place. Dr. Mark Hyman explains the milk and yogurt con job below. Your government isn’t run by who you think it’s run by and nothing works the way you think it does. Start thinking on your own, in order to end your slavery. My daughter already knows all this from me, not only about milk, but also about the government/media/science/medical ambush that exists to throw her down the evolutionary ladder. Because of this knowledge she’s more protected than most from the state indoctrination and propaganda campaigns that ensnare millions daily.