About Jason Christoff

Jason started Physical Limits Fitness in 1994 at the age of 24. He has written over 1000 health articles, with hundreds appearing in many newspapers across Canada. Jason has been interviewed recently by several US radio stations regarding his principles on healthy living. Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr. Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America. Jason is currently writing a book tabulating the steps that he used to lead a healthy and addiction free life. Jason specializes in exercise coaching, functional stretching, self sabotage, healthy living principles, overcoming addiction, weight loss, healing while facing a health crisis and small business start up consulting. Jason believes that health is about developing habits based in self love and self respect, as a way to propel one through life in a successful way.

We Can’t Give What We Don’t Have……..

I was talking with a self sabotage coaching client last week who was having a hard time understanding how the conventional medical system is abusive to children, with very obvious trauma based rituals like circumcision, vaccination (the injection of documented poisons), medical drugs only proven to destroy the body on every level etc etc. I [...]

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Lady Is Afraid To Lose Weight………Here’s Why

  I was talking to a guy yesterday about a lady he was trying to help get in shape and he was frustrated that she wasn't making any head way. They would walk around the track at a local arena and he would provide diet advice to her but she wouldn't follow it. After much [...]

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Are You Living The Good Life? Take the test…………

If people ever took away their screen time, their coffee, booze, junk food, meds, nicotine and narcotics....they would realize how empty, bored, void and screwed over they really are. And when people would feel that negative emotion, they would be forced to move to higher ground. In response to pain, humans always migrate toward lives [...]

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How To Beat Depression With Diet

Depression's link to toxic food is firm, documented and real. When we treat ourselves like we don't love ourselves, our bodies make us depressed on purpose, as a way to warn us that we're doing the wrong thing. If we back away from the "wrong things" in life, the depression lifts. It's that simple. When [...]

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Do Things You Don’t Like, Watch TV, Play Sports

As someone is being conditioned through the North American cultural system, it becomes very obvious to the subconscious mind that there are 3 modes of existence that are acceptable..........1) do things you don't like 2) watch TV or another screen and 3) play sports. Children of course are conditioned and perpetually programmed in this manner. [...]

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Trauma, Fear, Terror and Your Mind

Inside the documented science of trauma based mind control, there's something called "fracturing".....and it's just a fancy word for "multiple personalities." For example, inside the very familiar trauma based "battered wives/womans' syndrome".....the wife develops several opposite and opposing personalities, in regards to the abusive husband. One personality wants to run away or kill the abusive [...]

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The Covert Agenda to Feminize the Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story………

Remember Robbin Williams as Mrs. Doubt Fire? What about Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie? What about Gene Hackman in The Bird Cage at the end of movie being disguised as a woman? Big Momma's House with Martin Lawrence? The Wayans Brothers in White Chicks? Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill? Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor? [...]

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Prime Example of Trauma Based Mind Control……..

This could be the shortest and most accurate example of how trauma based mind control works on human beings. From bad marks in school for not repeating the lies of the day (like that Christopher Columbus discovered America....which is a lie) to the societal/media/government/authority based pressure a person feels for not injecting vaccine poison into [...]

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Self Hate, Self Murder and Self Sabotage

In our society, the act of self murder and self sadism (the hatred of self)......is celebrated daily by the uninformed masses. Most self sabotaging behavior today can be chalked up to a simmering subconscious hatred of self and the acting out of that self hatred. From a person who needs food in the morning drinking [...]

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Millennials – The Orchestrated Destruction of Our Youth

I have met many millennials in person, before I even knew that some intellectuals had already named them. I like Simon Sinek and the way he coats the problems of the day in positive emotion but these kids are products of the system. We all are. This isn't an accident that we need to embrace. [...]

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