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Jason started Physical Limits Fitness in 1994 at the age of 24. He has written over 1000 health articles, with hundreds appearing in many newspapers across Canada. Jason has been interviewed recently by several US radio stations regarding his principles on healthy living. Jason was also invited to speak on health topics on The CBS Morning Show and also appeared briefly on the Dr. Phil Show featuring fitness trainers from across North America. Jason is currently writing a book tabulating the steps that he used to lead a healthy and addiction free life. Jason specializes in exercise coaching, functional stretching, self sabotage, healthy living principles, overcoming addiction, weight loss, healing while facing a health crisis and small business start up consulting. Jason believes that health is about developing habits based in self love and self respect, as a way to propel one through life in a successful way.

Justin Trudeau Claims Deep Knowledge of Measles Outbreak – Let’s FACT CHECK His Claims

Canada's Prime Minister sounds in on the vaccine issue, regarding some recent measles cases. Justin Trudeau declares that, "vaccines prevent outbreaks like this and save lives." Let's see what the science says and lets do some fact checking....... 1. At this added link http://bit.ly/2Gxdlh1 we see that the measles vaccine (the MMR....measles, mumps and rubella [...]

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If I Were The Devil…………by Jason Christoff

If I were the devil I would fill the media with nothing but negative role modelling, so each human would have nothing to mimic other than shallow, self serving, hedonistic, unethical and immoral behavior. If I were the devil I would open institutions for children where they would be taught to repeat on cue, as [...]

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Coffee or Tea, Caffeine, Low Iron and Cancer

Lady believes her low iron is making her weak and fatigued. First thing I tell her is, "your coffee and tea are proven to make you weak and fatigued, just on their own.....and your coffee and tea block iron absorption as well." This lady's story is common in our society. She drinks poison every morning [...]

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Why Many In Our Society Are Addicted to Consumption

I know a lady who has so many clothes, her oversized closets can no longer handle the burden. I know a man who hoards things, not understanding his need to collect and acquire. I know many who drink alcohol daily, people who refuse to explore the motivations behind their obsession with self destruction and self [...]

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The Lady Who Packs 12 Outfits For A 1 Night Stay – A Lost Soul

I know a lady who brings the largest suitcase a person can purchase, for a one night stay where ever she goes....literally packing 10-12 complete outfits for a single 24 hour stop over. What's going on here psychologically? What the lady will choose that day to wear has to do with what the other women [...]

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The Job Focus Trap

Children (and even adults) are given the firm impression that the kids with the highest marks in school really had everything together and everything going for them. The truth is that school prepares children for job focus and job focus isn't freedom. The children with the good grades are funneled toward better paying jobs but [...]

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We Need To Obey Science Because It’s An Unbiased Search For Truth

Talking to a couple nurses in Canada at a hospital, where a flu outbreak was declared.....a whooping 3 people have the flu. Flu outbreak declared at the hospital, run for your lives.....but the nurses say that everyone who's sick has had the flu shot RECENTLY, within weeks or months. The nurses also say this is [...]

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Super Bowl Mind Programming – Christoff’s Predictions

It's not hard to predict what's going to happen before and during the Super Bowl because these events merely act as "program upgrade" opportunities for the masses. Humans are proven to mimic what they see, so our social engineers will use their Super Bowl screen time wisely to push the newest agendas and to upgrade [...]

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Self Sabotage and the Ability to Keep Rising

Our society really likes a good "fall from glory and get back up story". Sometimes it appears our society loves stories of people who fail and then just keep going, more than it likes stories of people who are consistently moral, ethical and fair. Bill Clinton comes to mind in regards to his affair with [...]

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The Hidden Meaning of The Word “Soldier”

The word soldier is literally sol-dier, which means "death of the soul" or "death of the sun". Sol is Latin and French for sun. From the word "sol", we also get "soul".....simply because the ancients knew that the sun is necessary for all life and was responsible in some way for the intelligence that drives [...]

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