When athletes take steroids, it provides us very good insight into how important attention energy is for the hurt inner child in many of us. To place one’s health in jeopardy and to shorten one’s lifespan (as an absolutely guarantee), proves just how important attention and connection is for the wounded psyche, so common today in our inverted and loveless society. The athlete is willing to self murder their own inner morality, in exchange for a chance someone else will fill them up from the outside. Steroid use is a cry for help that screams, “when will I be good enough, feel safe enough and be loved enough by the society I live in.” Like many other external adornments, steroid based victories are simply man made fabrications for what we’re missing on a spiritual level. The spiritual journey by which we learn to fill up our own cup is the hardest journey a human can take, going from dependent child to independent adult….who can eventually travel life’s highway without the approval, connection or adoration of others. Our fuel source in life must come from inside, not from the outside.

I as well have taken steroids for the same reasons and shortened my life span as a guarantee. I know the view from both sides of the fence and it’s just easier to give children a safe and loving environment to grow up in, so they don’t search for safety in places where they’re never find it, as adults. The answer to all addiction and cycles of self destruction is the courage to feel the pain that the addiction covers up, let the pain engulf you, learn from the pain, sit with it, hear its’ story, make mature life adjustments and walk forward addiction free into your best life. Power to the people.