Here’s the question……..

Are you willing to take shot for shot with my infant or child, based on weight. For example in Canada each infant before the age of 1 is recommended 16 separate vaccines. In the US, that number is even higher. The average weight of an infant growing from 0-12 months is 14lbs. The average medical doctor weighs 180 lbs. Adjusted for weight, that equates to a medical doctor taking 205 vaccines over the year. Are you willing to take 205 vaccines yourself doctor in the same year you inject 16 vaccines into my infant……….in order to prove to me that vaccines are really safe and effective? If you won’t put your life on the line, why do you preach that I should put my child’s on the line, so you can collect a bonus for a fully vaccinated child? If all vaccines are safe and effective, you shouldn’t have any issue with my suggestion. You can never be too immune, right doctor?”

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Maybe it’s time to protect your child from the forces of evil on this planet, instead of complying like an obedient house slave. You’re the parent. Adult up, get off your knees and start fulfilling your cosmic duties. If doctors knew anything about health, why is everyone so sick and why does a doctor only get paid when you’re sick and not when you’re healthy? You weren’t sent here to get drunk, obey corrupt authority, eat junk food, watch TV, get fat and work a job you don’t like, in order to buy things you don’t need. You were sent here because something defenseless and innocent dropped to their knees one day in the past and prayed to the creator to send a true protector, warrior and defender of the innocent. You were sent here to defend things too weak to defend themselves……and yet most feed the defenseless into the system. Time to wake up. Don’t make God regret sending you. Get off your knees, look evil in the eye and say “today’s the day you’re going to have a problem!” As a warrior sent to this planet, it’s more than embarrassing what I’m seeing out there, in regards to protecting the innocent and defenseless children. Step out of the illusion, embrace reality and start making a wall between the children and the evil system that hunts them daily.

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