Is Ill Health A Chance Happening or A Orchestrated Agenda?

What often looks like a mistake, is always a cycle. A cycle of covert attack on the public that includes poisoning the public, the public finding out that they're being poisoned, the corrupted authorities apologizing and promising it won't happen again.........and then the next round of poison being rolled out to replace the one that [...]

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Sandy Hook, False Flags and Loving The Lie…….

I remember seeing plenty of proof that the shooting at Sandy Hook was staged and that the funerals of the children were actually fake. This freaks the average person right out and not because they do any research, they just count on the "official story" to provide them a very safe and secure fall [...]

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Why Humans Fortify The Lies They Live……..

I posted something yesterday questioning the official narrative of all false flags, including what happened at Sandy Hook. This sort of questioning, especially when the lives of children are involved, is the exact reason our social engineers plan events using children in the first place. It's all about hijacking the emotional circuitry already inside a [...]

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Self Sabotage Based Marriage Counseling – Overcoming Infidelity

I remember coaching a couple regarding self sabotage and their marriage. Many years ago in the marriage, the wife started to have eyes for another and her behavior became completely detrimental to the marriage and the small family they had. I had to initially explain that females today are drowned in a tsunami of negative [...]

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Micheal Tsarion Describes The Life You Don’t Want To Live…

I meet people all the time who can't fathom that they're wrong or that they've been conned. I of course, in order to get to where I am today, had to assess everything that I was taught and every action I made a way where 90% of the time I had to admit that [...]

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Self Hate, Self Murder and Self Sabotage

In our society, the act of self murder and self sadism (the hatred of self) celebrated daily by the uninformed masses. Most self sabotaging behavior today can be chalked up to a simmering subconscious hatred of self and the acting out of that self hatred. From a person who needs food in the morning drinking [...]

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Self Sabotage And The Ugly Truth

Coaching a person last week and we get into some tough water regarding their job (which they don't like) being a form of self hatred and self sadism. The man says as many do... "I need to survive you know!" and I say "survive? really? are you serious? why do you smoke, eat junk food, [...]

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The Lies of The Canadian Food Guide and USDA Food Pyramid

In order to become a registered dietician in Canada or the US, you must preach the standards of the Canadian Food Guide or the USDA Food Pyramid..........both of which have been concretely proven to cause accelerated disease, obesity and an extremely premature death. Both eating guides preach the consumption of "slave food", toxin based [...]

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CBD, THC, Testosterone and Male Sexual Function

With people talking about the miracles of CBD oil (it's legal for everyone in Canada) I decided to give it a try. CBD oil has no THC, which is the compound in marijuana that greatly disturbs neurological function. THC marijuana is legal in Canada of course as well but I don't alter my brain function [...]

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Biblical Prophecy of Eating Our Own Children…………

It's not true because it's in the bible. It's true because it's happening right now. It's just bizarre that it's in the bible and happening today, right here.......right now. The bible itself is a series of lessons and encoded messages, which tells a story of light vs dark, good vs evil and truth vs deceit. [...]

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