Toxic Meds Not Breaking Down in Body nor Water Supply

The toxic medications being handed out by big pharma don't break down in the water supply or when processed through the body........all by design, especially the birth control pill, which is spurring a tsunami of ultra feminized and sexually confused men across the...

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Preaching to the Dysfunctional Slave Class

When it comes to Lady Gage, the human race certainly has forgotten the phrase, "by their fruits, you shall know them." This Illuminati hand puppet has been given the job of preaching to the deformed and dysfunctional slave class, regarding their need to embrace the...

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Textbook Culling and Extermination

Culling and exterminating humans is an easy text book based operation. First you poison them, so they're dying premature and painful deaths. You need to kill them in plain sight but spin the culling as "other things." Second, you tell the poisoned people that to get...

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Make it Happen

If people ever took away their screen time, their coffee, booze, junk food, meds, nicotine and narcotics....they would realize how empty, bored, void and screwed over they really are. And when people would feel that negative emotion, they would be forced to move to...

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Normalizing Dysfunction

It's all about making it perfectly acceptable to have a child who can't walk properly (notice the braces on the child's lower legs) and at the same time making it completely unacceptable to investigate why they children are crippled or injured in the first place....

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30/30 Infant Formulas Tested Contained Aluminum

So why do you think 30 out of 30 infant formulas tested contained toxic aluminum? I'll give you one guess and it isn't because big business, government, science, medicine, banking, media, religion and military want the best for you. I completely understand why most...

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Cases of Chickenpox in Those Fully Vaccinated Against it

Two cases of chickenpox at elementary school. Both children with the chicken pox are fully vaccinated against the chickenpox. Unvaccinated children are fine and the sheep are reassured by the sheep farmer to keep injecting the vaccine poison and that what a person...

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Why is Aluminum in Vaccines Anyway?

Smart Person - "why is there aluminum in vaccines anyway, since it's extremely toxic and proven to cause brain, nervous, organ and digestive tract damage or immediate death?" Sheep - "the toxic aluminum that destroys you is called an adjuvent silly and it's there to...

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Ancient Carthagenian Rituals….

Circumcision, an ancient satanic ritual from the Cult of Molech out of Carthage, completely destroys an infant male's penis. The parents, who are obviously clinically insane for giving the boy a circumcision in the first place, decide (with doctors.....God love them)...

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Let’s Talk About The Moon Landing………..

Plenty of self sabotage has to do with the first idea that entered your head, regarding a particular belief system. Let's take an extreme example, like the US landing on the moon with the first maned space craft. You, like most others, believe this is true simply...

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