One time during a seminar I said, “Are we living great lives or are we simply living shitty lives high on caffeine, booze, sugar, meds, drugs and nicotine?” Most people today can’t stop their addictions to documented legal (and illegal) narcotics….which are proven to numb, tranquilize and sedate the nervous system. So many people today say, “they’re having a great time” and that, “life couldn’t be any better” but you’ll always have a great time when you’re high. How much fun can you have when you’re not high? That’s the true mark of happiness…that you feel great in your natural human state, without having to numb and distract yourself 24/7/365. In the end this could be the most advanced holocaust in recorded history, to make people’s living conditions so painful and so utterly miserable that they actually kill themselves with every known sedative toxic narcotic under the sun because just being their natural selves is too much to bare. The solution is simple. If your life is too painful to live without being high, stop getting high and do something about your shitty life…..or at least die trying because there’s no greater coward than someone who constantly backs down from a just fight with a cultural system corrupted by media, government, medicine and science.