1. Negative Role Modelling Adverse To Anything Necessary for Successful Tribal Survival – it doesn’t matter if it’s the sexual confusion agenda being rammed down the children’s psyches by the ruling families (who pose as our altruistic governments) or the constant fear, terror, death, panic, materialism and immorality buffet pumped through our corrupt media…….children are proven to mimic as their primary form of learned behavior and our human farmers know this. These two added videos explain this attack on your children. https://bit.ly/2mRI64y and https://bit.ly/2kIYKnj

2. Single Parent Fear Programming – a divorce or being raised by one parent, is associated with statistically significant mental and physical health problems, when children become adults. An environment that makes divorce normal for adults is designed to directly target children, through the energetic changes that occur in children when fear enters their minds……all of which are proven negative. This video can explain how this attack on the children is being conducted. https://bit.ly/2EL9Ul1

3. Vaccines and Other Forms of Neuro Lobotomy – vaccines are in fact military grade bio weapons being used primarily against children and of course this intelligence destroying operation in our children can’t move ahead without a large herd of fully indoctrinated and PTSD adults/parents, who stand to attention and walk lock stop with their irrational and immoral directives, when the corrupt media and inverted government jackals come calling. “Poison your kids right now” declares big brother and the corrupt mocking bird media. “Yes, sir, right away sir. How many needles of poison sir?” shouts the mind controlled and fully indoctrinated parent drone. Vaccines are poison, designed to poison and that’s exactly why vaccines include the most powerful mind destructive poisons on our planet. https://bit.ly/2T8Quuj

4. WIFI – wireless devices are already proven to cause cancer and many other diseases….and this of course is all part and parcel of driving the wifi devices into our schools, to take direct target at the children. The never ending perpetual entertainment agenda, which passes as “good parenting”, takes care of the time outside the school……..with children now beign given a wide array of cancer causing wifi devices, which destroy each cell in their bodies like a slow drip poison. Of course the people who have designed our entertainment and communication devices to euthanize, already know all this. It’s only the slave class who are confused, as they’re being culled invisibly by the wireless devices they’re having passionate love affairs with. https://bit.ly/2hIpu4m

5. Psychiatric Medication – psychiatric and behavior medications are actually designed to trap children in a prison of dis-empowering slavery, with these medications never being proven to do anything but destroy each and every person they’re given to, across all measures of health, no exceptions. Already proven to cause irreversible brain damage, these drugs are doing exactly what they’re designed to do, making children unable to become independent of a system, which is structured in a way that only lubricates their slide into a premature and painful death…..at the hands of highly immoral and corrupt state control. One of the world’s leading psychiatrists has made 7 documentaries to warn the public that an evil force has now taken over his profession and that a very clever covert destruction of humanity is now rolling forward inside the psychiatric field via the extremely toxic and destructive behavior medication agenda. https://www.cchr.org/videos/

There are many other covert attacks being waged on your children. I’ll continue this list later this week.