The confusion between pleasure and happiness is explained above by Dr. Robert Lustig. Coffee, alcohol, shopping, sex, pornography, energy drinks, junk foods, sugar, marijuana, narcotics, fame, steroids that enhance appearance/attention, plastic surgeries that enhance appearance/attention, screen entertainment, gathering with friends and co-using such substances/activities etc etc……..are all proven to give someone PLEASURE. Our social engineers have taught us that freedom itself is defined by our RIGHT to pursue as many pleasures as possible, in the shortest time possible. 

The average person rushes from coffee in the morning to alcohol in the evening, smoking this or that, shopping, consuming food like things that stimulate our pleasure centers, sexual fantasies are endlessly pursued mentally or physically etc etc…… again North Americans believe this is true freedom, the perpetual pursuit of a self serving, shallow, pleasure seeking lifestyle. More coffee, more sugar, more shopping, more marijuana, more junk food, more caffeine, more alcohol, more dinner parties, more nights out, more vacations, more medications, more sex, more sexual partners, more events, more celebrations, more casino visits, more gambling, more screen time, more tattoos, more piercings, more drugs, more money, more stuff, more me time, more hedonism, more of everything combined and stacked on top of everything else to enhance the high……..more pleasure, more pleasure, more pleasure. I want it all, I want it now. Drive the pleasure in, shovel the pleasure in, ram the pleasure in, drown yourself in pleasure…….and then you’ll finally be happy.

There’s one big problem. Science has now proven that the more pleasure you seek and attain…….the less happy you can be. Pleasure and happiness are opposites. And now you know why North Americans are the least happy society in human history……..because they’ve been tricked into believing that happiness and pleasure are the same thing. They’re not. They’re opposites. Pleasure destroys happiness. You need to reduce pleasure to increase happiness. Could be the bombshell of the century.

As a weight loss and health coach I see this all the time. You develop a plan with a client to reverse their disease, lose weight and live longer……but it’s dependent on them reducing the fake pleasure chemicals they ingest on a daily basis. What often scares people away from becoming healthy is this imprinted belief that they can’t possibly be happy without all the pleasure based attacks they inflict on themselves. This is how invested our entire society has become in the lie that “pleasure = happiness”, when in fact the more someone pleasures themselves, the more unhappy they’re guaranteed to become. And of course I see this in real time, as the broken souls enter and leave my office couch daily. The coffee addicts, the cigarette smokers, the junk food eaters, the marijuana users, the drinkers, the sugar addicts, the screen addicts, the overly sexual, the steroid users, the plastic surgery purchasers, the shopping addicts…….wondering why they’re not happy. Not only do pleasure seeking activities destroy our bodies, they destroy our happiness. The average person has bought into this inverted belief system so forcefully that they’re afraid to give up their pleasure based lifestyle, for fears they could never be happy if they weren’t high, numb, distracted or tranquilized all day long…………when the truth is that this imprinted and manufactured North American lie, is why they’re so miserable in the first place. What do you really need to do, in order to be happy? Be your natural self and just stand there. You’ll be happy. That’s it.

This sleight of mind runs very deep inside the belief system of the average person. Children are taught in school that they’ll finally be happy when they get that big job because that big job is going to allow them to purchase happiness through pleasure. Pleasure costs money of course, so people are taught that they can buy happiness………which they can’t. That’s why 80% of North Americans have less than $1000 in savings, because this on going societal lie makes people believe that true happiness is only one pleasure filled purchase away. Some women today will even pay more attention to a richer man in a room because they believe that the richer man can buy them “more pleasure based activities and substances” and it’s only that process that will provide them a life of “happy”. All the rich people are adorned in our society. We see someone like Tom Brady or Oprah and the dreams are “imagine all the pleasure they have, they must be so much happier than me because money is needed to buy pleasure and pleasure equals happiness.” It’s a lie and you can see it in rich people, they’re extremely unhappy unless they live natural lives, absent of fake chemical pleasures etc etc. The pleasure seeking mind control program of North America has the average person running east looking for a sunset. The entire process is like re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. It doesn’t matter if you like coffee and sugar……..or wine and cheese cake, if you’re using external chemicals and unnatural pleasures in order to gain happiness, you’ll always be miserable.

I remember a married couple in Montreal who were bored with their marriage. Basically if you work a job you don’t like, in order to buy stuff you don’t need plus you have children, only to hand them over to hypno programming entities called government and media, so your kids can lead the same futile existence when they grown up………yes, that will leave you spirituality void. If you live a lie, you get pain. That’s the way the body is hard wired, to protect you from living a lie. The pain is supposed to give you a sign to stop living a lie and change. So this couple is “bored” because the life they’ve been tricked into living is empty, meaningless, designed by the ruling 1% for the benefit the ruling 1% and soulless. This bored and unhappy couple thinks there’s something wrong with them, without realizing that if you’re bored and unhappy in North America, you’re working as designed. No one can be happy living a lie. That’s impossible.

This unhappy couple tries everything they can do, to find happiness but they can’t because they think happiness is pleasure and now we know pleasure is the opposite of happiness. They drink alcohol all the time, eat junk food all the time, do drugs on occasion, watch as much TV as they can, shop as much as they can and their schedule is purposely crammed full of pleasure seeking activities and substances. The result of course is that they’re more unhappy as each day passes…….and now we know why.  So this couple, who are living the lie that they’re unhappy because they don’t have enough pleasure in their life, agree to have an open marriage. The husband is “so unhappy” and believing his key to happiness is unlimited sex with other people, he literally runs all over town trying to engage sexually with anyone who’s willing. Even within our pleasure honoring society, the locals see it as a bit much. The wife sort of does the same. Guess what happens? They’re more unhappy. What’s even worse is that they’ve attracted more unhappy people in the community toward them, as they engage in orgies of pleasure, so everyone can be more unhappy and keep the cycle of dysfunction moving down the track. The promise of North American hedonism, as a utopian destination, has failed us.

There’s a lady I know, who asked for a raise at the place she works, because she believed she needed more money to buy more pleasure……..and this is why she’s wasn’t happy, because she wasn’t able to purchase the pleasure based solution to her misery. Did the solution deliver her what she wanted? Of course it didn’t because she only bought more pleasure and become more unhappy.

Our society won’t even allow you to process your pleasure based unhappiness as well, because that’s how deep the pleasure lie goes. In our society, if you happen to feel the FACT that your pleasure seeking lifestyle is making you unhappy, the society itself rushes in with anti depressants and the happy pills, so you can’t feel anything at all.  The idea that pleasure equates to increases in happiness acts as one of the foundational pillars of insanity, which is destroying our society. When someone comes into a medical facility today, how many medical professionals are schooled in the idea that the constant pursuit of pleasure makes someone unhappy and depressed? How many health professionals understand that coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks, sugar, wheat, candy, junk food, fast food, screen time, narcotics, alcohol, pain killing medical drugs etc etc…….are proven concretely to increase pleasure BUT are also proven to decrease happiness and cause depression? How many health professionals understand that by promising short term increases in pleasure via drugs that block the brain from processing unhappiness, they create more unhappiness and depression for their patients long term? And of course all the research on behavior altering drugs confirms this. Increases in depression and suicide are listed side effects of all anti depressants and behavior altering medications……..and that’s because pleasure is the opposite of happiness. How much of our society’s problems could be solved if everyone understood that “corner stores” are unhappiness centers or that coffee shops bring unhappiness to everyone who frequents them? 80% of grocery store items are chemicals that stimulate our pleasure centers yet people are wondering why they’re so unhappy when they consume them.

I remember a lady one time who had a good life, she was happy and she was married. She didn’t drink coffee for the first 35 years of her life and then one day, an unhappy man (addicted to pleasure seeking) said, “let me get you a coffee”. Now all of sudden, she wasn’t happy as well. Could it have been from the coffee stimulating pleasure pathways in the brain, which are now proven to destroy happiness? According to Dr. Robert Lustig, this could indeed explain the situation. So this normal and happy lady appeared to do a complete Jekyll and Hyde transformation, into an erratic and extremely unhappy individual. The more she drank the coffee, the more she became unhappy and then the more she started seeking more pleasure to combat the unhappy feelings, which of course we know now creates more unhappiness. The pleasure based coffee lead to pleasure based alcohol, which lead to pleasure based junk food……..which in turn lead to a pleasure based affair. In the end, she was a mess. Her marriage ended and she ended up losing everything she had, as she started making short term pleasures the focus of her entire day. This cycle of pursuing pleasure created a spiral downward into the abyss. Now we know why. The more someone pursues pleasure, the more unhappy they will become. If they think that their unhappiness is a signal to pursue more pleasure, they will literally destroy themselves.

There are so many misery based situations in our society, which can be explained by this bombshell discovery. Everything we’re taught about happiness is a lie. Our happiness isn’t tied to pleasure and it can’t be purchased. Our happiness is tied to us being healthy and living as nature intended, without modern unnatural pleasure based activities or chemical stimulants that stimulate the pleasure centers of our brain. Period. End of story. If you’re unhappy in anyway, look into your own life and see just how much you’ve been fooled into believing that pleasure equates to happiness. Pleasure and happiness are opposites. For you to increase your happiness, you need to stop constantly trying to pleasure yourself. Want to be happy? Be natural, be healthy and just sit there. That’s it.