The estimate on new lotto winners place somewhere between 75%-98% of them completely broke (or in worse financial situations compared to before their lotto win) only 1 year after they hit it big. The question is why? The answer is simple.

When you have a computer and it’s running a particular program…….it doesn’t matter what information you feed into the machine……..the computer program makes sure all the information is processed in the exact same way. The question is “…….are people generally empowered to take control of their lives in a positive way or are they conditioned and dis-empowered for a negative outcome, regardless of what opportunities come their way?

It doesn’t matter if a dis-empowered person is processing their weekly cheque or processing 100 million dollars……..the information will be processed in the exact same way.  It’s hard to hold onto money when some of our basic programming in North America teaches people that money is at the root of all evil, rich people are shallow or not worthy of love. This can place a mental block between many people and the life they deserve.

The people  and organizations who orchestrate this type of dis-empowerment and feed off the dis-empowered are all too happy to sweep down and take the money (and the amazing existence that goes along with the money) that the dis-empowered are all too eager to give away and repel out of their lives.

Click here or watch the video below to see all this in action. Unfortunately one of the battle cries of the dis-empowered revolves around something else or someone else saving them, helping them, fixing them etc (never capable of saving themselves because they give all that responsibility and power to others) and you hear that verbatim in this clip.

Lotteries can be great but they often fit right in line with dis-empowered thinking, where some magical force is going to grant you with something that is beyond your reach. One just feeds the other. The way a person thinks about one thing is the way they often think about all things.

Can you spot the programming where this lotto winner doesn’t even consider that he could do better with the money than any third party? That’s the point. The dis-empowered never think they’re worthy of producing their own positive outcomes…………..that’s always the job of others. The lotto winner doesn’t want the responsibility of handling the gift because that would mean he would have to blame himself for a negative outcome or take credit for a positive outcome. Since his schooling taught him that he gets the worst grades for failing……..he may have become too afraid to take a chance. The foundation of dis-empowerment is laid at a very early age.

The dis-empowered avoid taking responsibility for most things in their lives because it’s just easier to have others do for them, as opposed to doing for themselves. Giving the money away helps the lotto winner avoid accountability, responsibility etc……..or in others words……’s the lazy way out. It’s all how you look at it. He could be more of a hero by keeping the money and doing the work he wants with it himself.

There’s no third party that is going to produce your best life………..only you can do that. Become empowered today, get healthy, create new habits, let your results guide you and cleanse yourself of the programming that no longer serves you. If you hit it big or have an opportunity to have the life of our dreams………..don’t give it away. Jump at it because you deserve it. You’re not a bad person for wanting your best life to materialize.