As I was growing up, I always seemed to have a hard time getting along with people and of course the society itself constantly tried to correct my unsocial ways. When I look back, knowing what I know now, it’s easy to see that the easiest way to get along with people was to enthusiastically endorse the lies they were living and the lies our society constantly sells as truth. If you want to get along with everyone in our modern society, you just shut your mouth and you murder any part of yourself that has an opinion different than the herd.

When you walk by the cancer charity, raising money for cancer by serving cancer causing donuts… shut your mouth, eat your cancer causing donut and encourage everyone involved to keep pissing into the wind like they’re doing. You smile at the lying politician who’s being paid to try and bring fluoride into your water supply and you congratulate your kid for telling you that Christopher Columbus discovered America and that every vote counts. You high five the meter man as he gives you a parking ticket, for failing to pay to park on a road….which the government said you already paid for with your taxes. You wait in line for your poisonous vaccine and as you’re waiting, you talk about bullshit unproven concepts like herd immunity and that vaccines don’t cause Autism. When someone gets a soulless and meaningless job, which will eventually destroy them on all levels, you congratulate them and tell them that their life couldn’t be going better. You know why I was anti social as a kid? It’s for the same reason I get accused of that today……and that’s because if you’re trying to sell me a lie, I’m going to tell you that you’re selling me a lie. That’s generally where it gets uncomfortable between me and the people having passionate love affairs with the lies. Some people’s lives are completely dedicated to the illusion. They look at me and think “the illusion is so warm and fuzzy, why don’t you want some?” and I look at them thinking, “how can you live your live divorced from your true self and ignore the daily whispers from your soul, which try to guide you back to source?” As the great Micheal Tsarion once said, “it’s not up to the Universe to turn her volume up, it’s up to you to turn your RACKET DOWN!” My volume is down in a world where most everyone is rabidly addicted to perpetual distraction and sedation. It’s hard being awake and many know what I’m talking about. Saying that, the illusion always has within it, the seeds of its’ own destruction.

I was never broken. I was working as designed and a society built on lies doesn’t like that. I see people every day in our society dancing with the lies, dressed in the lies, coated in the lies, working for the lies, repeating the lies and having passionate love affairs with the lies. The awakening in our society is simple. People are turning away from the lies by the millions DAILY, because lies bring pain and the pain is now too large to ignore any longer. When you live truth, you always walk in peace. Power to the people. The truth always wins. Always.