I remember when I used to live an unhealthy lifestyle in my 20’s. When the sun went down, my joint pain exploded. I could actually feel when the sun was going down, even if I was in a building with no windows. The pain was like clock work. Maybe you know what that feels like. The reason joints hurt after sunset is pollution inside your body and how your body tries to clean out that pollution.

During the day our immune system is suppressed by certain natural anti-inflammatory hormones. These hormones are designed (along with other related hormones) to aid in us performing without pain, so we could hunt down our breakfast meal. Our design has not changed much in hundreds of thousands of years. Your body thinks you still need to wake up and work hard (or even fight) for your meal.

When the sun goes down, it was always time to rest, repair and recuperate. After about 2:00 in the afternoon, our immune system starts to turn on as we transition from our anti-inflammatory based system (that helped us get our food) and into our pro-inflammation/repair cycle. This pro-inflammatory/repair system really gets going into high gear after the sun goes down because traditionally we had very little to do safely after it started to get dark. The time of sitting down during darkness was the best time to start repairing the  body from the days’ metabolic, physical and neurological stresses.

When the body is polluted, all cells will inflame, in order to draw water into themselves. The cells use the water for the same reason we use water in relation to washing our car, cloths and dishes. The body uses the water to clean itself. Again, this cycle really starts hitting its’ stride after sundown and with that we see all cells start to get bigger or inflame. The more polluted the body, the bigger the cells will get because more pollution needs more water for the cleaning.

Today people are often heavily polluted with pesticides from non-organic food sources, pollution found in their water, medications, household chemicals, personal care products etc. When this pollution is targeted by our immune system, the cells use extra water to clean themselves and therefore the cell expands dramatically. When these cells are inside joints, they can start to get big in that very small space. This is what causes the joint pain and other pain syndromes after sunset. This is also why your runny nose drips more at night and your sore throat starts getting worse at night. For some people, it will appear they’re getting “better” during the day and then they think they’re getting sick again at night. That’s just our immune system at work. Working as designed to protect you and clean you.

Since the pain itself represents a process by which a cleaning out of pollution is taking place, taking pain killers or anti-inflammatories is not wise at all. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories actually shut off the cleaning process plus all those medications are highly toxic………so they increase pollution dramatically in the body. The end result of all medication use is increased pollution and decreased well being, as all medications interfere with one or more of the body’s natural functions. All body functions are protective. The result of turning off or interfering with your protective functions should require no explanation. You only get more ill and go from taking one medication in “year 1” to being dead and taking 12 medications in “year 10”. The medications will kill you prematurely but your death will never be listed as “medication toxicity”.

The only solution that will see your short term and long term suffering end is cleaning pollution ingestion out of your daily habits. That’s where we come in. Medications will only mean you get sicker, faster. The medical system and the people who work there are certainly not in the business of putting themselves out of business. Your continued sickness is what makes the medical system work.

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