So I guy stops me and asks for my donation to help a child’s charity. I ask, “what’s the donation for” and he said “for a golf tournament”. I ask, “how’s that helping the kids, for you to play golf with your friends and then give my money to a medical institution that has a track record for destroying children, instead of helping them?”

This sort of shit drives me crazy. Hear no truth, see no truth, speak no truth. That’s the motto inside the illusionary matrix for many. How many people would stop circumcising the kids, to help the kids? How many people would stop injecting poisonous vaccines into kids, to help the kids? How many people would publicly advertise the toxicity of children’s Tylenol, the vitamin K shot or mercury teeth fillings for kids, to help the kids? You know the answer to those questions already, right? There are very few, if any at all, who want to do anything to help the kids other than pretending that they’re helping the kids. Who wants to accomplish great things, playing golf, having fun and getting drunk with their friends? Everyone of course! Who doesn’t want to accomplish important things in life, while doing ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING leg work to achieve it? If our world’s problems could be solved by getting drunk and playing golf, there would be no problems…….but here we are today, still playing golf, pretending in the sand box of life that this is all we need to do to protect the children. How about just protecting the kids outright by highlighting who’s destroying them…….. instead of pissing into the wind, like it’s some sort of Olympic demonstration sport?

Helping kids is a natural genetic tendency in all humans but today we’re told that speaking against child injury, assault, trauma and attack (spear headed by our own corruption government, science and medical institutions) is “bad” but trying to help the children after they’re injured (with additional medical and science attacks) is good. We passed insanity several stops back. The first rounds of medical/science poisons made the children sick, so obviously the answer to their diseases and sicknesses is more poison. I can’t stress this point enough, that we need to pull our heads out of our collective asses if we want any facet of our society to improve. Our societal standards are at all times lows and yet we still will fail to achieve even those. My Lord, when will humanity get off the fantasy and illusion based tit and grow up?