To answer that question, it won’t take too long. The information for this article can be found by clicking here………

At this added link we see that even modern amounts of alcohol can cause brain damage.

At this added link we see the Canadian government now sets healthy alcohol consumption as 15 drinks per week for men, 10 for women………..always increasing the poison of course because a slave in pain loves their pain killers.

At this added link we have the results of over 100 years of mind control experiments, proving that a person who’s polluted with mind altering substances (like alcohol, narcotics, caffeine, sugar etc etc)….. is the easiest to govern, manipulate, control, indoctrinate and steal from.

At this added link, the inside story on how ruling families have always used government to legitimize their mind control over an uninformed public, who can’t believe that all acquired and documented scientific knowledge is being used against said public daily.

Cheers to your destruction. May the odds be ever in your favor. The consumption of alcohol aids in mind control simply because it poisons the body and therefore activates the body’s fight or flight hormonal response. This in turn activates the limbic or reptilian brain stem and inversely deactivates the higher end functions of the brain. The limbic or reptilian brain is immoral, unethical, can’t think long term, doesn’t process reality based on logic, does process reality based on emotion ONLY, (if it feels good, do it) is overly sexual, is violent, childlike, extremely inept, never considers the long term consequences of its’ actions and because that part of the brain is of the lowest IQ imaginable, it constantly looks toward third parties for answers regarding guidance in life. One drink of alcohol activates this inept part of the brain for 3-6 weeks, theoretically proving that very few in our society have EVER processed life decisions through anything but the most moronic part of their brains. It’s not just alcohol that the government uses to destroy you and mind control you, all at the same time. At this added link, a short list of the other poisons that are shoveled into the slave camp from high atop the corrupt ruling period of control. Want to change your life for the better? Reject the poison AND UNSLAVE! As a side note, beer is going into Canadian Wal-Marts because marijuana will follow and this is what is known as “the final solution” by the ruling 1%… cast the slaves down into nothing more than chemically lobotomized drooling trolls, who work in squalor on the other side of the castle wall. Already well underway. You can be dumb and poor by accepting the government sanctioned poison or you can be smart and rich by rejected it. There is no third option.