The human creature is unique, because we need emotions to help us experience life. When an ancient human wanted to relax, they would need to gather loved ones, sing, light a fire, eat, laugh and connect. Now we gain relaxation from a large glass of wine. There’s no need to connect naturally when we can disconnect unnaturally. The natural human animal needs emotional/electrical flow through the mind, so at one time we were inclined to talk to each other, exchange in witty debate but now we have movies and TV shows, as everyone in the room stares at a light box….saying nothing, allowing the artificial emotion to run the highways of our nervous system. Our real emotions replaced by fake emotions being fired into our eyes, from a light box that sits on the wall.

When the natural human burned for adventure, they would pack up what little they had and head off into the wilderness, making their heart race not knowing what high emotion or danger lurked around the next turn. The next town could deliver the story of a lifetime, unlimited riches, a beautiful romance or a fight with injustice, helping people too weak to defend themselves. Now the great human pulls up to the drive thru, malnourished, overweight, depressed, drinks a coffee, feels a small rush of adrenaline and drags themselves to a job they don’t like. Real natural men, not long ago, when called upon for their bravery and strength would rise to the challenge, placing their lives on the line when injustice and evil was afoot. Tribe and family first, death before dishonor. Today the men lift artificial weights yet many will never fight for anything. Some will buy a skull tattoo and a t-shirt that says “anarchy” on it. Morality no longer guides their sword as they try to please slave master at every turn, by saying nothing and doing nothing other than constantly pleasing the shallow and self serving herd. The natural human man now nothing more than a fake actor based image on the movie screen, named Thor, Rambo, Conan…..a legend only talked about in folklore. The once natural and powerful man animal now domesticated, chained by the will of the morally weak consensus, who cower in the corner, begging for scraps off master’s table. The natural man, the true protector of the weak, soon to be extinct…..because this male lion is now too lazy, sedated and distracted to govern the pride land.

When the natural human man wanted to experience a member of the opposite sex, much effort was placed fourth in the courting ritual, the fine art of seduction. Now, the human man animal stumbles over to his computer when no one is around and engages in a quick masturbation session. A natural human woman was a natural protector of the children, the innocent and the defenseless. Now, it’s not rare by any means to not find one molecule of that natural design inside many women I meet. Vaccination, circumcision, no breast feeding, no co sleeping, trauma based medical birthing protocols, very little healthy food for self or baby and on and on. The natural woman, the Universal protector of all life, where did she go? As our society takes its’ 5 star, first class ride into the abyss (being prompted all the way by our dark and ancient masonic overlords of course) we should realize that what we are becoming, is something other than human. If we intend to ever wake up from this Orwellian nightmare, we will need to find our way back home, to our true humanity and to our true natural design. May morality and ethical conduct rise once again in the human family. Power to the people. Tomorrow lets get to work….