What’s Really Going On With Ontario’s Minimum Wage Hike?

2 provinces in Canada are hiking the minimum wage starting Jan 1, 2018 and others are set to follow. To catch the animal you want, you need the right bait and more money is what the ruling 1% want the working class to have, simply because our masters of mind control have been tracking the spending habits of the working class for centuries. Our social engineers are data miners, first and foremost, as they know that in order to outwit an enemy, you need to know absolutely everything about them. What do the ruling families, who masquerade as your altruistic governments really see, in regards to the spending habits of the public? The recent trends in spending among the general public are obvious. The working class are cutting back on the lobotomizing poisons sanctioned, sold and promoted by the state……….because the public have been taxed back into the stone age……as was always the design of system. The slaves are actually out of money literally (without a financially inch to spare) and they’ve started to be faced with picking between drugs and food, or booze and food, or smokes and food, or weed and food, or toxic meds or food………and the public are picking food because they can’t afford both.

This is spelling MASSIVE problems for the ruling 1% because the sedated slave class are now emerging from their self induced chemical brain fog and are starting to understand that a covet of psychopaths have now taken up strong positions in the bastions of government power. The statistics are clear, most people spend everything they get, regardless of what that amount is. More than 90% of lotto winners are bankrupt one year after a lottery win, regardless of what amount was won. This wage hike is about giving a large segment of the population, just enough money so they can start smoking, drinking, drugging and eating junk food again……in order to help a tyrannical goverment maintain control over a heavily brain damaged and lobotomized collective. Humanity was actually starting to turn away from drugs, chemicals, toxins, junk food, booze, smokes and all the other poisons our handlers count on to make sure the public can’t see with the eyes they have. Our rulers can’t have a public who regains their intellectual capacity….so pump in $4000 – $8,000 more per household and get the poison flowing again.

Want to turn the tables on these immoral and unethical soulless meat bags? Take the money and buy even less poison. That’s how you win. Take the extra money and become more of what they can’t handle………..a more empowered, healthy, self directed, independent human being. You want to take these people down? It’s easy. Become more. Reject their poison. Unslave. Power to the people.