The China, US, North Korea, Russia, Middle East….Stage Show Explained

This won’t take too long. Stay with me………

1. The UK never relinquished control of the United States after The War of Independence. The agenda was always to make the citizens of the US believe they had won, so they would stop rebelling, thus making UK control of their conquered lands easier. This strategy was eventually applied to all 54 commonwealth nations. In short nothing but COVERT Royal family trickery……

2. Most US Presidents and ruling elite within the US are related to Royal lineage, and are under full control of the invisible hand out of the UK. The Bushes are the Queen’s primary organizing agents within the US territory. So again we see the same….Royal family trickery.

3. The Bush family and associates organized the attack on 9/11 for many reasons, one of those reasons was to destroy an office inside WTC 2, which housed an official investigation into how the Bush family, on behalf on their UK handlers, had taken over the full Russian economy and governmental apparatus with an illegal monetary fund. The vast majority of hijackers were from SAUDI ARABIA and guess who took over Saudi Arabia long ago? Watch a video confirming who really owns Saudi Arabia by clicking here. There is one public enemy that hides behind all the fake countries they control.

4. The Royal family out of the UK took over China long ago, using drugs (one of their favorite weapons against the public) to bring China to its’ knees, during the opium wars of the late 1700’s. Hong Kong was “given back to China” for the same reason the US people were told that they had won the war of Independence, so the people would stop squirming so much, as the chains of slavery were tightened around their necks.

5. Kim Jung-un of North Korea attended a luxury private school in Switzerland in order to be schooled in his instructions from the invisible hand out of the UK. So a communist leader who stands against the luxuries and elitism of the west, attends a private school filled with elitists and luxury? If you think that sounds completely logical, you’re simply afraid to think on your own.

6. At this link we have the Prime Minister of Canada being sworn in but the swearing in ceremony is never mass televised to the Canadian public EVER. There’s a reason for that of course… Lets take a guess who he pledges allegiance to? Is it to morality, justice and the Canadian people? Take a look…….

7. Click here to see the former Prime Minsters of Australia and Canada making speeches to the world about 9/11, in and around the time that this internally planned mass murder occurred in New York City. The public are always told that the different country names represent the different wills of the people who live there and that the different leaders of each country (who want to do different things) are elected freely, without any interference from outside influences. So why are the speeches from these two world leaders exactly the same? Who would want to coordinate the messages being sent to the entire world, regarding 9/11 and who would have the power to make these world leaders read THE EXACT SAME SPEECH? Who makes that call if the two countries are supposed to be controlled independently from within their own borders? If there are employees who respond without resistance or question, by extension we know that there is a BOSS giving the orders. Who do you think has this sort of power to make world leaders act like dogs on a leash?

8. This added link may stand out as not fitting in with everything above but it will make more sense once you finish the article below. The soldiers of each country who go to war are poisoned with extremely toxic vaccines and food not fit for a maggot to consume, for a very specific reason, having to do with this very topic. Here’s one example of this poisoning of soldiers, as soon as the ink on the enlistment forms are signed.  Why would each army, of each developed nation, want to poison their own soldiers? OK, lets connect all the dots below.

There is no China, Russia, North Korea, Saudi, Iran, Australia, Canada or the US. Only the UK and when there’s a fight, it’s only the UK vs the UK.. all coordinated from inside the UK..but why? As is discussed in the book The Tavistock Institute and also within many other creditable sources…. 1) the agenda is to destroy the strongest humans in each fake country with fake wars…financial profit comes second to the motivation of on going human sacrifice and trauma based control of the survivors. The countries being thrown into these fabricated and prearranged wars are already fully controlled by the invisible hand out the UK, so there’s no need to “take those lands over more”, as the Royal family already owns each country 2) control of all sides guarantees full control of all outcomes and the execution of the primary goal of destroying all the strongest and most capable males 3) the public won’t fight in fake wars until they’re all fired up energetically with the fabricated themes of “good guy vs bad guy” and “nationalism“. We need to kill them before they kill us, sort of mental imprint. Anything that fires the heart, always narrows the mind. The Olympics act as one of the primary stage shows that make an uninformed public believe their human farm is different from the human farm next door. 4) the soldiers are perpetually poisoned with toxic vaccines, toxic medical drugs and toxic foods not fit for human consumption, in order to either a) weaken the soldiers so they make fatal mistakes during battle b) return home with down regulated DNA, which weakens any offspring they may have in the future and c) simply die prematurely via toxic based disease caused by the non stop poisoning and  5) this dog and pony show has been going on longer than history has been recorded. Controversial (yet popular) figure Mark Dice, reviews a book from 1798  that tabulated this inner circle “take over” conspiracy long ago. It’s not a new FACT, it’s an old FACT, hidden from the public. Click here to see Mark Dice review the book. Click here to review the actual book itself. Click here as another book reviews the secret documents that were seized in the 1700’s, proving this conspiracy to covertly establish complete global control existed. How much proof do people need before they get nudged into thinking again for themselves?

The proof is everywhere but today most people are simply afraid to think independent of the state, or they’ll be attacked next. A full tyrannical dictatorship in plain sight masquerading as freedom and free will. You’re controlled on their chess board with false information, as has been their weapon of choice for all of recorded history and beyond. The invisible hand out of the UK is not “British in origin” to say the least. The dark power that now resides inside the UK is a very ancient evil force on this planet, which has been around much longer than you’ve been told. They call each of their human farms a different name so you’ll fight the slaves on the other farms, which they also own. They already own all the farms. Death of the strongest males is the primary goal because creating a thick syrup of mentally, physically and morally weak people is the only way they can maintain their corrupt, illegal and tyrannical control of what they call “the slave class” or “the useless eaters“. This way once the strongest males are removed, they can reveal themselves to the weakened stock that remains and bring their tyranny above ground, out of the shadows and into the light. You are free to awaken at anytime. Your leaders are paid actors trying to get you to volunteer for an agenda you know nothing about.