The truth about companies like WalMart, Starbucks, Lowe’s etc is very different than the disguises they wear. First, they are companies already named inside what’s known as Agenda 21 or Agenda 2020/2030. Companies named inside this documented agenda receive special financial protection from the ruling 1% in order to enter towns and destroy the foundations of economic prosperity. This eliminates all independent potential to rebel against the control grid, extinguishing a community’s ability to care for itself on a person by person basis. As locally owned stores go bankrupt because of covert financial aid to Agenda 21 companies, the bankrupt populations seek higher financial ground in large urban centers, which are set to become large public prison enclosures under the documented Agenda 21 plan. The United Nations is behind Agenda 21, which is simply an unelected body of ruling family members, using their personal power to bypass the democratic process of all developed nations.

This of course is actually being seen in my town of Cornwall Ontario Canada this year, as several schools are now slated to close, as the invisible Agenda 21 campaign is gaining ground with a public programmed to fall in love with low priced this and low priced that. As the economy collapses because the town’s money supply is being siphoned off every month to corporate accounts overseas and the uninformed public are covertly assassinated by the medical system, the community’s foundation finally collapses. This is called economic Terra-forming, the placement of equipment inside an area to change its’ financial landscape. These big companies are designed to destroy every small town across North America. The low prices offered by these well disguised leviathans are artificially low and reflect socialist population control disguised as free enterprise. They are not traditional companies and they only pretend to operate inside conventional profit/loss economic models. These companies represent the financial assassination wing of our social engineers. These special Agenda 21 predetermined companies are also rewarded for poisoning the population within an inch of its’ life, in order to maintain more efficient control of a weakened and diseased population. Companies such as these are instructed as well (once the town is officially bankrupt) to actually close for no financial reason what so ever, leaving absolutely nothing left to support who remains, and guaranteeing every last soul migrates to the large urban prison centers. I hope I don’t need to elaborate on what happens when the ruling 1% gets all of the population in large urban prisons, with driver-less cars that are programmed to never leave the city limits. Connect the dots. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. For more information on Agenda 21, please click this added link. The solution is to NEVER shop at any chain. Shop local and encourage the start up of independent locally owned businesses.