If someone is prematurely ill in their life or overweight, it means a battle rages internally between who they really are and who society has taught them to be. Our society teaches people to self murder every intelligent and rational part of who they are, in order to sub in an order taking living philosophy, where being compliant and reflexively obedient to authority is our new mode of operation.

If someone is prematurely ill in their life or overweight, it means their mental hard drive has been hacked to give full time control of their thought processes over to authority. Authority will also blame bad luck, bad timing, bad genes, our choice of food, our exercise frequency etc etc as the reasons why we’re sick and overweight, to continue the fine art of distracting us even further from the root cause of our misery. If you’re overweight, food isn’t the problem. If you’re sick, your genes aren’t the problem. The problem is structural, a passionate devotion to seeking out authority for one’s life direction, without logical analysis or rational review of the advice being provided. A mind program of low self worth and even lower life expectations, to the point where you believe everyone else can run your life better than you. The chronic inability to know bullshit from truth. That’s the problem. If you’re overweight or sick and you’re constantly addressing food or believing that you’re ill because you don’t have enough toxic medical drugs in your life (as the solution to your pain) YOU WILL STAY IN PAIN and that pain will only increase. That’s your punishment from nature, for going against nature. That’s how things work. You not liking that or being offended by that won’t change it. The truth doesn’t need your belief or approval to exist. Stop trying to make a cozy and secure nest in a tree of lies. It doesn’t work.

Learn to think again or nothing will change. Rediscover your selfhood and your personal sovereignty. Find out who you really are. Find out that being a human means you don’t need constant third party guidance, especially from people who have proven themselves complete failures, regarding the skills they claim to be masters in. Peel away the layers of garbage that society has you covered in. If not you, who? If you not now, when? Stop playing small. Get moving.