I write plenty about our society’s death cult mentality, in posts such as the one at this added link. https://bit.ly/2rluv7l One thing that’s firm in life is, “the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything”. Because of this concrete rule, our death cult philosophy runs much deeper than we may believe.

I’m at a restaurant in Montreal 3 weeks ago and I see a lady I know there, extremely drunk. I know she’s married but she’s with another man and they’re more than a little friendly. She’s also a smoker, so I see her outside during my meal sucking hard on her death stick. The death of herself is obvious to me but sometimes not so obvious to others. who live within the death cult. She’s killing herself with unhealthy food choices, smoking and drinking. She hates herself of course but thinks she loves herself, which is the ruling doctrine of all death cult members. Death cult members believe or say one thing……..yet always do the opposite. How do you know if you truly love yourself? The test of self love is simple and it’s called, “The 4 Year Old Test”. Take what you’re doing to yourself and imagine doing it to a 4 year old, in dark alley, when no one is looking. If what you’re doing doesn’t truly represent loving a 4 year old, it also applies in the same way to yourself. If you wouldn’t give alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy food to a 4 year old and believe it represents “the truest definition of love”……then it doesn’t represent love to yourself either. Point made……….this lady hates herself, is killing herself as fast as she possibly can and bullshits herself into believing that she loves herself, all at the same time. The human mind is wired for disaster if you know how to get it there and our social engineers really know how to get most people to that point. Welcome to the North American death cult, which masquerades as anything but.

Then there’s the guy she’s with, thinking he’s also having the time of his life………hating himself of course in the same death cult fashion. They most likely believe they’re expressing some sort of love, but this sort of inverted love model (self hate and destruction disguised as love) is all part of the North American death cult ritual……..the death of all that matters, all that’s good and all that’s needed to keep a society evolving. Given it’s proven that, “you can’t give what you don’t have”………two people who are absent of self love and who destroy themselves with passion and vigor HOLD NO POTENTIAL OF LOVING ANOTHER (or anyone else) PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS. Death cult rituals make no room for real love, spiritual union or relationship building of course……and this is why two people who don’t know what real love is are doomed as a couple, doomed as individuals and doomed as contributing members of the society they live in etc etc. Death cult ritual brings the destruction of life, period, no exceptions.

And the death cult ritual ripples out in waves, like a stone dropped in a still pond, destroying everything in its’ wake. The death of the marriage union, the death of a mother, the death of a leader, the death of morality, the death of societal advancement, the death of ethical conduct, the death of functional and healthy children, the death of true love, the death of a parent, the death of companionship, the death of hope, the death of the soul, the death of trust, the death of cultural growth, the death of humanity, the death of all life and anything that life needs to move forward….and on and on. This is why I resigned from the death cult many years ago. Turned in my North American death cult membership card and walked away. May the power find others to do the same. Be moral. Be healthy. Be more. Lead the way. Power to the people. Lets make ourselves great again.