Talking to a lady last week who tells me she doesn’t really like her job and that’s why she drinks 3 cups of coffee at work, to ease her pain and to jump start her failing body, as her soul is sucked dry inside that lie. If she didn’t have the coffee, she would feel the full weight of her boredom and the futility of her perpetual obedience to inverted societal norms…… and she may even choose to escape that pain and change her life. But she lusts after societal acceptance more than she wants to be free. She is literally afraid of her own freedom and in love with her own slavery, because she’ll lose the friendship of the other slaves is she becomes free. She feels more comfortable among her fellow prisoners than walking the path alone outside the prison walls, so she uses the coffee to dull the pain of her daily self murdering routine.

The coffee lie is helping fortify her employment lie. The wine lie at dinner supports the lie that her kids are OK being raised by strangers during the day and by the TV at night. The anti depressant lie fortifies the lie that living a life of slavery is really supposed to be satisfying………and not depressing. She thinks she’s depressed because there’s something wrong with her……but there’s nothing wrong with her at all. Being a slave inside a system where your talents and soul are traded in for “stuff”, is supposed to depress the body. How could it not? Depression is your signal to get the hell out of there. The more lies you live, the more lies you need……to keep the lie based illusion moving forward. This lie based existence, where one lie is used to support an entire house of lies, is called the guilt complex or the inauthentic life. A video below that many need to hear, that helped me modify my life greatly many years ago.