Humans are designed to be creative, different and live out lives of passion. This means they’re not going to react well to a system designed to make them uncreative, the same and to make them work jobs they don’t enjoy… they can buy things they don’t need. Children generally look at how unhappy their parents are, while spiritually understanding that what the parents call “success” is simply an exchange of spiritual death for materialism and perceived safety from a tyrannical governing force. Give up, obey, comply, sedate, self murder, repeat…….and then you are free to suck on the tit of slave master for life, and find safety inside the corrupt pyramid. Kill your own soul and everything will be OK. It’s a deal no soul was designed to take.

Parents are continually trying to coax their own children to buy into this corrupted system, which obviously causes depression, addiction and various other forms of self destruction for many. As the children try to keep their humanity, a system of psychiatry (a fake science) is employed to drug the children’s innate intelligence out of the nervous system with extremely toxic and poisonous psychiatric medications. Maybe it’s time to admit the lie we as adults have bought into and maybe it’s time to stop trying to groom our children to take our place inside this slave based system of spiritual death and perpetual unhappiness.