I talk often of human farming and when I look at the words our social engineers use, regarding products targeting us, plenty of things stand out. First, our human farmers are famous for hiding their agenda in plain sight. The reason they do this is simple. Some research leans toward the idea that admitting openly to what they’re doing (using words) literally terrifies the human herd on a subconscious level, changing people’s chemical brain function to make the victim more slave like and reflexively obedient to authority. So knowing all this, we have the pesticide “Round Up”, which of course is a farming term. On a farm you “round up” the cattle when you want to control them and change their traveling direction. A farming term. Is this a chance happening or coincidence? If you research the group of psychopathic ruling elite who control the herd from behind the curtain of power, you already know the answer. Do you really think they’re spraying poison on the food you eat because they don’t realize poison makes you weak and sick? Our ancient farmers know that you can’t farm lions, only lambs…..so you must poison the lion out of the human animal. If you want to know more about who is hunting you and your family from the tall grass on the urban savanna (and some of their covert methods) some links are listed below.

Adam Curtis – http://bit.ly/1kOIEFt
Micheal Tsarion – http://bit.ly/2rOvs6F and http://bit.ly/2rcF3be
Alan Watt – http://bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Chris Everard – http://bit.ly/2qQdf8b
State of Mind – http://bit.ly/2rweFbZ
Mark Passio – http://bit.ly/2rOzrA6
Jordan Maxwell – http://bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Ronald Bernard – http://bit.ly/2qQtCoN

We see the word vaccination. Vacca is Latin for cow. So vaccination literally translates into cow-nation. Vaccines have been already proven extremely destructive to human health on all levels, with no exceptions. The medical doctors and PhD scientists at this added link http://bit.ly/1qX8HMV explain clearly why vaccines 1) don’t improve immunity 2) don’t offer any improved resistance to disease and 3) decrease the health of each and every person they’re injected into. Is a farming term being used here (cow nation) based on a chance happening and coincidence or are we being told exactly what’s happening, so we develop stronger patterns of learned helplessness ? Do our social engineers misunderstand the science, regarding the fact that injecting poison under the skin doesn’t improve our health? It was never a misunderstanding of the science of course. It’s a weaponization of the science for a very specific reason. You must keep the slave weak, as to always keep them under the heel of slave master.

We have our children called kids by our social engineers and this word is taught to us as “normal” and “benign” inside the schools set up by the ruling 1%. The most famous teacher in the world reviews the government run school system in this book. http://bit.ly/1WBrskX This is a book teachers should read but aren’t told about. Just read the first 40 pages and get back to me about your impression. So the word kid is also a baby goat and again beyond it being an “animal term” (with goat farming being popular because goats can’t defend themselves like lions can), the groups famous for hijacking the governments of all developed nations have historical ties to animal and human sacrifice……..and you guessed it, their favorite animal to sacrifice is the goat, the kid, our children.

The human control grid is simple. Everything entering the public’s collective mind from government and media is a lie, half truth or outright fib designed to create a fabricated impression of the world……..that’s almost the exact opposite to what’s really going on. Government and media combine to control public thought, to a point where people can’t think logically anymore about what they’re being taught……but when you start to reawaken your independent thinking skills, things start to stand out. This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm.