Oops, we poisoned you again and caused your premature death. Here’s some fake paper money, as a legal payout. Evil will take this deal all night long because the euthanasia of the slave class is the sole (soul) goal of this world wide extermination campaign. Kill the slaves and give them fake paper money (legal payouts) in exchange for them complying with their own poisoning. This eugenic “oops, we killed you again” operation has been brought to you by our ancient human farmers. These ruling families (who masquerade as your altruistic government) have brought you many other eugenic operations like leaded paint, leaded gasoline, mercurochrome, thalidomide, vioxx, trepanning, hormone replacement therapy, fluoride, mercury teeth fillings, DDT and more recently cell phones, the pesticide glyphosate, alcohol, chemtrails, GMO’s, geo-engineering, junk food, opioids and vaccination.

This is how this con job works folks. It’s really simple. There are these ruling families from our very ancient past and they maintain control of the 8 billion people on this planet through fear, chemical lobotomy and undernourishment. The operation of injecting poisons into the blood stream or down the throats of the uninformed masses has nothing to do with money or profit, because these groups print the money and know that the money is fake. The money is paper, worthless, yet a means to an end for the ruling families who control it world wide. These families don’t need the fake paper money, you do. If they want some, they just print it (or write it on a computer screen) and take it. These ruling families have organized THEIR school systems to make the children fall in love with the people, systems and organizations who are paid to place the children in fear, chemically lobotomize them and poison them back into the stone age. These ruling families work around the clock to make sure that the older adults in the slave camp die early and to make sure the children are as brain damaged and dysfunctional as possible, so the next generation offers less and less resistance (if any) to the end goal of our social engineers. After the children are brain damaged, they are drowned in negative role modelling media based entertainment, alcohol, poisoned food, toxic medications, neuro-destructive fluoride, caffeine drinks, narcotics, marijuana, wireless radiation……all to make sure the brain never repairs itself and to keep the mind in a perpetual lazy and dis-empowered state of operation. This way, even as the child matures into an adult, they can never get off the government (ruling family) tit. This is how you produce the ultimate house slave, for slave master.

This sort of operation can’t be hidden forever of course (like the fact that the poisons sprayed on our food supply are designed and engineered to cause cancer ON PURPOSE), so they wait until it’s beyond obvious and apologize. Then they move on with the next poison and toxin based attack upon the public that they rolled out just a couple years prior. Our social engineers destroy the public, act confused when the first reports come out, stall as long as they can and then apologize….kill, act confused and apologize. Leaded paint causes brain damage, shit sorry about that, have some thalidomide. Thalidomide causes birth defects and spontaneous abortions, shit sorry about that, have some birth control pills or implants. The birth control pill causes cancer and changes the sexual orientation of your baby, shit sorry about that, have some mecurochrome. Mercurochrome causes brain damage, shit sorry about that, have a toxic vaccine, some glyphosate covered food, legalized marijuana, some opioids, booze and a cancer causing cell phone. None of this is an accident, a chance happening or a misunderstanding of the science. This is a weaponization of the science against a public mind controlled to sit there while the ruling families pick them off like fish in a barrel. The general public can’t even string two thoughts together because their brains are mush and their passionate love affairs with slave master, so misguided. People love the brain damage because when you work a job you fucking hate, not having a brain and being permanently numb is the only thing that keeps the pain at a bearable level. Our human farmers organize our shitty and painful lives first, so we fall in love with the cycle of destroying our own brains, in order that we get comfortable in our shitty existences. The only people misunderstanding any of this is Joe and Jane Public who are being poisoned and lobotomized back into the stone age by the very government they have unwavering trust in. Awaken or perish. Reject the poison and unslave.

Essure Birth Control Implant Discontinued After Thousands Complain of Pierced Uterus

This birth control implant is being discontinued after thousands of women claim it caused them pain

Posted by NowThis Her on Monday, July 23, 2018