Humans mimic as their primary form of learned behavior. In this article we have this proven psychology in action, now deemed the “Jolie Effect.” Women started to volunteer for preventative double mastectomies but what changed? Nothing changed inside the women themselves, they only witnessed a popular media star doing it, so they followed suit en masse. Again, humans mimic and this is a trait within the human psyche that allows our social engineers much control over the human herd.

The Cosby Effect also displayed this proven psychology. In the 1980’s there was a sit com called The Cosby Show, which revolved around two characters, Cliff and Claire Huxtable. Cliff Huxtable was an African American medical doctor. His wife Claire was an African American lawyer. During the run of the show, African American enrollment in medical and law schools increased nearly 20%, only to decrease below long held averages, after the show was cancelled. As the fate of the African American culture took a downward turn in the late 80’s and early 90’s, due to perpetual negative role modelling of African Americans in the media at the time, this in turn was deemed “The Lil Wayne Effect“. A reflection again of how humans mimic yet it’s more than obvious that Hollywood and the masters of mind control who operate there, are only providing ever increasing loads of negative role modelling for the public at large.

In Burnaby BC, after the opening of the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” (a movie about car theft), car theft sky rocketed. This is also why our handlers call these mind control specialists on the screen “stars“, because our ancient social engineers themselves used the stars to guide them……and therefore they use their movie stars to guide us, using these standard and proven psychological based mind control tactics against the uninformed public. The stars appear on “our screens” but the word screen means “something that partially blocks our view of reality” and of course that’s exactly what the media has been doing since its’ inception by an ancient culture out of the middle east, thousands of years ago. Our social engineers could provide us positive role models to guide our ships, but they continually give us negative role modelling for very specific reasons that are key to their long term agendas. This mimicking effect is also talked about by this professor of psychology (Jerry Kroth) in this added link.

As for Jolie conducting her preventative double mastectomy, I have my doubts it was ever done but that’s my personal opinion. I personally believe she has both her breasts intact and her uterus as well. What I do know for sure is that the statistics are that 45-65% of women with the BRAC1-2 genes are said to go on to develop breast cancer. What does this really mean? Well, it means that about 40% of women who have the BRAC 1-2 genes don’t get breast cancer……so it can’t be the gene that causes it!! Connect the dots. A depopulation agenda in full gallop, a movie star creating an enemy out of a reproductive organ and a deceptive media always steering the public onto the rocks with falsehoods, half truths, white lies, misinformation and blatant fibs. Who benefits? Are you following the stars (mimicking) and believing you’re acting of your own free will……….or can you think on your own? Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure?

Genes don’t control anything and this science is firm. Genes are controlled by epigenetics. Epi means “above” and something above the genes control them. Genes decide nothing and only react. Genes react to the environment. That fact is explained below by Dr. James Chestnut. So if genes don’t control anything inside the human body and genes only react to the environment in which they live, shouldn’t we be trying to modify our cell’s living environments in a positive way instead of attacking, butchering and poisoning them ……….which is only proven to make our genes down regulate and express negative traits? You would think so but that would only happen if facts actually counted. In our society, the advertising and propaganda counts. Keeping people sick is big business…….and business is booming.