The ruling pyramid today has a fantasy based allure that’s captivating more and more of our population each year. All humans have the same base fears………the fear of death, the fear of not having enough, the fear of instability, the fear of attack, the fear of being outside the herd, the fear of rapid change etc. The seductive lure of the ruling pyramid is based on the manipulative psychology of addressing those base fears in the human animal. Death of course is part of the natural life cycle here on this planet, as is attack, rapid change and instability etc…….so in essence the ruling pyramid is seducing the population into a trance like walk toward the artificial light, by setting up an “anti nature” based system. This system is designed to captivate, titillate and trick the human animal into honoring, revering, energizing and sacrificing themselves to the ruling pyramid….because a fabricated fear of NATURE has been imprinted into the populace. Inside the corrupt pyramid of power, our human farmers have set up an artificial environment where all natural fears are controlled, curtailed or removed. This service is offered in exchange for full compliance and a reflexive obedience to the pyramid based religion and dogma.

Let’s take for example a conventional medical doctor, who obviously is schooled in a disrespect of nature and a well cloaked hatred for the natural human. As nature births fourth its’ miracle in the form of a child (from the womb of the mother)……..the conventional medical doctor (an extension of an entire anti nature based medical system) is there to greet this natural miracle with every form of toxic, butchering and poisonous attack we could imagine. Poisonous vaccines, toxic vitamin K injections and antibiotics smeared into the eyes of the newborn. Welcome to the pyramid little one, here’s your poison. Lets not forget that “biotic” is Latin for “life” or “natural”…….so the word “anti biotic” literally means anti-life or anti-nature. Nothing is hidden….nothing. The natural penis of the male infant is often removed without any pain blocking medication at all, causing the child a life long form of PTSD, a mistrust for his caretakers, a myriad of fear based addictions and increased violence against self and other. Again, the entire job description of the doctor is based on anti-nature protocols. The public as well are conditioned to honor the doctor (the bringer of death and poison) with a form of blind faith and worship that would make any cult leader blush with envy. Did the doctor invent these protocols themselves or were they caught up in the seductive lure of the pyramid, in exchange for their full compliance to the pyramid religion? Does poisoning and butchering a child make the child better? Give your head a shake and step back into reality for a couple of minutes, so you can contemplate what’s really going on here………….which is the world’s largest and darkest religion, masquerading as something it’s not. Even though most people in our world are members of this dark religion, they have no idea that this religion exists and they have no idea that they’re already card carrying members.

Look at the occupation of conventional medical doctor, where inside the anti-life system…..these people are awarded some of the largest salaries in our society. Why does the poisoning, butchering and burning of nature fold over into a big salary inside our culture? Why provide the most security, the most stability and the most reverence for the very people tricked into destroying us, our children and our culture? It’s because our culture isn’t designed in the “awesome” and “caring” way we think it is. The highest salaries, pensions and constant public adoration of these “anti-nature” and “death dealing” positions… the lure of the pyramid I allude to.

Each broken human walks our cultural savanna in their youth and easily understands that an organic farmer who protects nature makes nothing and is afforded very little security compared to a medical doctor who cuts, poisons and burns nature…….and so the seductive lure of the pyramid is set inside that person’s psyche because of a human’s natural fears. Each human wants security, stability and immortality………so just come into the pyramid, take your job destroying nature (on some level) and all that will be yours. The big salary, the big pension, the public adoration and a bronze statue on the front lawn of the pyramid awaits anyone who takes the destruction of nature to the highest levels possible. Throughout all of human history, such systems that reward and celebrate death, fear, panic, destruction, war and trauma were all described with one word………satanic. This could be the biggest bait and switch campaign ever put into play… trick a population of practicing Satanists into believing that they’re moral and upstanding citizens. If you’re a scientist inventing poisonous GMO foods….big salary. If you’re a politician lying to the public…….big salary and a bronze statue for your dedicated service. If you’re in the medical field handing out toxins and killing the public prematurely……big salary and big pensions. If you sell poisonous “food like things” to the public…….big salary, big house and longer vacations. If you’re having sex or acting immoral on the TV or movie screen…….big salary and constant public adoration. It’s time to come to grips with the inversion of our human behavior, as being a direct result of the inversion of the system. We live in an age where inverted, perverse and satanic behavior is being mainstreamed, rewarded, promoted, awarded and celebrated. This is the seductive lure of the pyramid. Be your worst, tell your lies….collect your points.

Nature is a system that destroys things that should not exist and things that are no longer of value. Currently our culture is based on maintaining ideas, concepts and organizations that should have never existed in the first place EVER……..and that’s because the monetary energy of our corrupt human farmers is funneled toward occupations inside the pyramid where big salaries, pensions, awards and the largest psychological stroking goes toward people who walk lock step with the satanic doctrine of the pyramid religion. Just look at every election, the paid soulless actors get on stage and tell the screaming cult members that greater budgets and more funding will go to the very systems designed to destroy nature……..and the cult members go absolutely wild. Each person in the pyramid is encouraged to comply and obey to a greater degree, in order to fulfill their dreams of rising up another level in the pyramid administration. The public are rewarded and encouraged to literally leap-frog and battle each other to gain entry into the pyramid cult…..pledging their full compliance and reflexive obedience, what ever it takes. “I’ve vaccine poisoned all my children” says one cult member, “pick me, pick me”. “I’ve vaccine poisoned my children as well plus circumcised my boys plus I destroy the nature inside myself by getting drunk every weekend……..pick me, pick me, I hate nature more. I hate myself more.” “I’ll tell any lie you want…pick me, pick me. Any sexual favor, just name it”. “I’ll beat up or kill anyone who speaks against the pyramid……pick me, pick me, please let me in.” This is the seductive lure of the pyramid….a literal trail of bread crumbs for the human ego, leading the public to destroy themselves, their own children, their society and the very planet they need to survive. No greater evil exists and we’re neck deep in it. Our current job market is a form of inverted and perverse mind control, on steroids. Nothing works the way we think it does. This place isn’t what we think it is. Reject the seductive lure of the pyramid, honor the nature inside and outside of yourself…….and unslave.