The newest holocaust is taking too many victims to count. Talking to a girl last week who works in a seniors home and she’s telling me that the flu vaccine propaganda is massive, with petty rewards being offered to employees who volunteer for the vaccine poison. And of course evil will take that deal all day long, to reward uninformed humans with fake paper money, to have them literally euthanize themselves. What could be easier than a system that produces an obedient order follower, lacking crucial knowledge to care for themselves, so they have to depend on the system for survival? It’s all about the government system programming the children for “job focus” and then setting up the “career” options for the children so they end up landing a job where you need to poison yourself on demand from the corrupt officials in charge. These staffers aren’t seeing the forest for the trees and the big picture isn’t coming into focus, with only grave consequences for all involved.

This form of tyranny, a literal Holocaust 2.0 agenda, is so much easier than gathering up the masses and executing them, as the ruling 1% have done throughout history. The same employee I was talking to, who obviously doesn’t take the flu vaccine herself, has testified to me that at least 5 seniors have now died within weeks of taking their flu shot and all the younger employees who wanted to gain favor with their dark luciferian overlords (by being reflexively obedient to authority) have all fallen sick in the days or week after the shot. The stealth euthanasia based ingredients in vaccines now burning holes throughout their body, to guarantee a very premature and painful death. As these people age….the cancer, the auto immune disorders and the brain damage will consume them. All by design.

So I’m shaking my head over that story and then a client comes to my desk at the gym, swearing, obviously in pain. He needs to put his membership on hold because he’s aching all over, with extreme pain in his left arm. He can barely move it. I come up inquiring, knowing he doesn’t understand too much about what’s really going on. He starts talking in a way that blames a “virus” from overseas. He said he was in Asia and also the Middle East. Viruses don’t exist in the way we’ve been taught. Viruses don’t make us sick, poisons do. So given he’s was telling me stories of international travel and knowing he’s a “mainstream” citizen, I ask about vaccines for travel. (which of course are no different than any other vaccines…..unproven, ineffective and toxic). He tells me he took some travel vaccines years ago, so although they would be killing him slowing over time, it doesn’t explain his paralysis and the extreme pain in his left arm that only started weeks ago. I mention Twin-rx as being one of the worst vaccines (most toxic). I also said the flu shot was THE most toxic, and he says “son of a bitch, I just got that 3 weeks ago“. I said, “which arm to they inject?” and he said, “the one I can’t move.” The mercury in the vaccine is designed to destroy people from the inside out. His paralysis started in the injected arm and is now spreading all over his body. He’s in big trouble, being literally murdered by the state in the most covert and clever way.

This guy has fallen for a well disguised sleight of hand, the Holocaust 2.0 model, where purposely fabricated and fraudulent misinformation prompts people to volunteer for their own eugenic soft kill extermination. He’s poisoned himself on the say so of paid liars and their psychopathic henchmen in government, science and medicine. Will he survive? I don’t think his chances are good but I’m sending him some information tonight. The vaccine based diseases will drive this guy into the conventional medical system and that system of course is DESIGNED to cull the herd full stop. The uninformed order follower, government loving, reflexively obedient, compliant, don’t want to make a fuss, science religion worshiping types are dropping like flies out there. I can’t help them all. It’s impossible. Dr. John Bergman explains the fraud and eugenic intent of the flu vaccine. It’s getting messy out there my friends. Stay vigilant.

“Hell is empty and the devils are here”………William Shakespeare