Female beauty models are purposely picked and photo-shopped so they don’t even look human. This registers in the human psyche of the reader that it’s them who are in the minority and therefore (as herd behavior dictates), they need to conform to the herd, to be granted a form of safety and security that can only be found in the larger group. As the look of the photo-shopped or unique models are purposely fabricated to be unattainable, the weakened psyche continues to spend, self abuse and cosmetically butcher themselves into a state of complete dysfunction……trying to attain the unattainable.

The entire goal is to have women lose their place in the society and then to have the ruling 1% sweep down to gather up the dysfunctional children that are always the product of a system where the mother is programmed to focus all her attention on issues that have never mattered to the perpetuation of the tribe and the species.

The production and future control of dysfunctional children is the goal of this attack on the female but in order to do that you need to produce dysfunctional women, so they leave the children open to attack by corrupted media, medical, science and government based forces. To produce a steady supply of dysfunctional children, you first need a steady supply of dysfunctional adults. Both men and women are targets of immense dis-empowering mental mind control, with mindless vanity and contrived social constructs being the weapons of choice used against the human female. Females today dedicate themselves to the futile art of being “pretty people pleasers“, not knowing that this useless application of directed energy was always designed to destroy them. Beauty magazines and anything “beauty” are the primary weapons. Women are conditioned very early to believe that their sole life mission is to be objectified and to make sure everyone loves them, as the best way to avoid the punishments and demonetizations of the extremely dysfunctional herd. With this as the focus, the children are left open for abuse at the hands of the system. Quiet weapons for silent wars. Unseat the cosmic female force from her Universal role as protector of the children inside the traditional family unit…….and then when the guard dog no longer protects the hen house, send the wolf in to devour the kids.