Our human farmers know that the public talking about corruption on facebook can be done all day long, without any issue, as long as the human cattle never organize and join together to take collective action against the corruption. In fact facebook is the largest mind control “venting mechanism” ever initiated on the human farm. A venting mechanism is any structure by which a frustrated slave can vent their negative emotion, without actually changing the system. Frustration is energy that needs to be released and like all dark occult magicians, the magic lies in making sure the slave class releases their dangerous negative energy toward anything, other than organizing themselves into a larger group and actually changing the system. Shopping, watching sports, internet porn, junk food eating, smoking, exercise, facebook, drinking, gossiping, sedation, distraction etc etc…….are all designed to take the frustration of the slave class and vent it off before it explodes toward the human farmers, in the form of rebellion and hostile takeover.

Organization of the slaves, as a group, is what our human farmers fear most. A good case of this is John Lennon, when he started to use his fame and fortune to ORGANIZE the slaves against the system. We all know what happened to John Lennon and there’s plenty of evidence to support that he was assassinated because he was starting to initiate the only known threat toward the establishment, which is forming large organized groups against the current system. In order to organize other humans into groups, you actually need to be able to talk, communicate, write and public speak effectively. This is also why our human farmers are using other covert means to destroy language, communication skills and even the brains of the human cattle, to reduce (and even eliminate) the rebellion potential that organizing together could bring about. If a slave can’t talk, write or think effectively, they can’t organize any group of slaves against slave master. This is chapter one in the human farming manual.

Have you noticed that in the past 20 years, the average kid doesn’t use capitals to start sentences, doesn’t know how to use periods and doesn’t even use capital letters with names, places etc etc? Given only 30 years ago, you couldn’t pass into the next grade unless you could spell, read or write effectively………..how is it that children are graduating unable to even form a basic sentence? The answer has to do with our handlers manipulate government policy to eliminate ORGANIZATION potential of the slave class, against the ruling pyramid. The children also can’t talk effectively because they’re drowning in a tsunami or negative role modeling characters, in regards to language. I call this the “Sponge Bob – Square Pants Effect” and it’s all part of the same agenda, where children (who learn through mimicking) listen to the broken and immature speech patterns of these mind numbing characters, to completely eliminate the child’s ability to use language effectively. Below is Dr. Jerry Kroth explaining that humans mimic anything they see and this of course has been known by our human farmers for all of recorded history and beyond. Control what the children and adults see…………and you control how the children and adults act. If you want the kids dumb, show them dumbness. If you want the children stupid, show they stupidity. Knowing this, watch the absolute drivel coming out of Hollywood today.

We also have the “Emoji Agenda” where people are now being taught to communicate in “symbols” instead of language. If you use symbols to express love, heart break, happiness, good times and all other emotions across the neurological spectrum then you automatically inhibit the talent of expressing yourself with language. The average child today communicates in broken sentences, emoji’s, no capitals, no periods, LOL’s and WTF’s. How can a modern slave stand up in the slave camp, after master is in bed, and organize a talk or essay to convince the other slaves that a better life is possible? They can’t of course if they can’t write, talk or think…….and that’s the agenda. That’s not even mentioning the child behavior medication or vaccine agenda, already proven to fully lobotomize the children outright, so the brain itself doesn’t operate effectively, if at all. Lots of slaves, ZERO CHANCE OF REBELLION. If you want to know just how brain destructive behavior medication is for children, just click here. If you want to know all the other ways science, medicine and govenrment are destroying the intellectual capability of the children and the population in general, just click here.

This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm. Nothing works the way you think it does. Medicine, science and government are trying to rule you through poison and they’re trying to do it in a way where you don’t really notice………..but millions more every day are indeed noticing.