This man gives a blazing and brilliant explanation of what I describe as , “the death of long term goals” and “the entertainment agenda”. Concepts I often discuss on this page. This is a well organized attack on our population today, to make them completely incapable of achieving any long term and meaningful goal.

For example, when I opened my business after graduating University, I literally worked 10 ours per day, 7 days per week, for 8 months in a row… break. That was done just writing the business plan. I opened my first business when I was 24 years old, where I made in 2 months what my graduating friends were making in a year. It wasn’t that hard……but it appears impossible for some (more so today) because of what this man describes and what I call, “the death of long term goals”.

The vast majority of people today can’t accomplish any long term goal (and long term goals are the most meaningful ones to accomplish) because of their cell phones, their social media, their need to get drunk every weekend, their need to smoke up, relax, chill out, sedate, take a break, get high, shop, their need to move with the herd, their need to accomplish all the calender’s preset holidays and celebrations,….while placing their own personal life long goals on the back burner etc etc. Most people today, even at their place of employment, can’t even accomplish their “mandated job description” because they’re sneaking on facebook, checking their phones, gossiping and engaging in shallow, self serving, self entertainment of every kind imaginable. Can a person like this ever accomplish anything great? No they can’t because they can’t focus ON ANYTHING for more than 10 minutes at time. They’re are entertaining themselves into the abyss. Becoming great at anything requires life long intense focus on a couple of key subjects and it’s easy to see the result of this planned agenda on our population today, as they’re having trouble accomplishing anything meaningful in their lives because they’re highly energetic but DIRECTIONLESS. The video below explains the rest………….

Simon Sinek Explains the Millennial Paradox.

Working with Millennials can be a challenge. Here's why…Tom Bilyeu ( on Inside Quest ( interviews Simon Sinek (

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