What’s funny is that when I went to school in Newfoundland, the history teachers taught us about communism….making sure that we knew that communism was the worst thing imaginable, that it was our society’s mortal enemy and that it was the opposite of what we were doing over here. Communism was said to be when the government was the only employer, no one could really get into business for themselves, there was one store for this and one store for that…..and the government also provided all the basic services. This I was told was a fate worse than death itself and everyone in the class room cheered that we weren’t stupid and backwards like all the folks over there in the communist countries.

Well, the jokes on us because the most clever trick has been played on the North American public and most in the EU as well. This is all documented of course where communism is actually the situation we’re currently living within. The independent businesses are all shutting down (from economic tyranny and government collusion), choices are being purposely limited, (every town has the same line up of big box stores) the government has become the primary employer and the government provides free school (that indoctrinates a love of the system), free pensions (that destroy creativity and personal power) and free health care (that poisons and mutilates the public in a way that would make Satan blush). You got your free vaccines (that lobotomize), your free e-mail (that records and tracks everything you say and do), your free mercury teeth filling campaigns for kids in the government schools (that destroy brain tissue) and the free news (which indoctrinates and tricks that public into having passionate love affairs with this new form of communism that’s dressed up as freedom).

This is where the really big stunner comes in. Freedom means everything is free and that brings us full circle, right back to conventional communism……where the government (and their friends) provide everything for free for the slave class. You always thought freedom was about you doing what you wanted and you fell for it because this freedom trick was about first starting you off with choice and then moving toward a state run system where things get limited very quickly but “hey, those extremely limited and really shitty choices are free”. Soon the booze will be free, the coffee will be free, free pot for everyone courtesy of big brother, the toxic health care is free, the dis-empowering lie based education is free, soon University will be free (as is already happening in the US) and this form of communism is going to be the most crazy yet………..where people won’t even be paid in money but only in distraction and sedation. Your pay for working at the government (ruling family) widget factory will be 10 coffee vouchers, 1 ounce of weed, 10 hours of internet time, 5 sexual favors down at the government run brothel, 8 meals of the government approved poison food, 2 tickets to the big sports event and every year you’re permitted a plastic surgery. When the state takes over everything and hands everything out for free (as to control the masses with an iron fist) it’s called communism. Look it up. And that’s why they give you every drug and poison under the sun, so your brain can’t connect the dots. May the odds be ever in your favor.