Wednesday Oct 9, 5:30-7:30 at The Ramada Inn and Conference Center is the first seminar, of a two part series, on healthy eating and self sabotage.

Self sabotage is THE most important subject regarding making head way in one’s life. If you don’t know how to identify the self saboteur in your own habits, the chances of changing your life for the better is about 1 in 100. Change is hard and change is often dictated by the beliefs we picked up as a child, before the age of 7.

Science, statistics and medical professionals often ignore self sabotage purposely or by accident. Regardless, the results are often the same………….which is good people not being able to get unstuck from a situation where they’ve been stuck for many years. (if not their whole life)

For example a study on women losing weight showed that the women making the most progress started to self sabotage and this study, regarding a new form of losing weight, was stopped. When the group of women in the study were revisited, it was discovered by a new investigation that nearly 70% of them had been sexually assaulted in their youth. The self sabotaging of their diet was initiated by a part of the mind (the subconscious) so that safety could be maintained. The maintenance of safety is a priority inside all cellular functions and given the past trauma, the mind decided that losing weight and looking more attractive may re-trigger another sexual assault. The self sabotage was initiated in a part of the mind living in the past.

If you’re chronically ill, have addictions or are over weight self sabotage is something that may interest you.

Self sabotage is about allowing trauma and beliefs from our past to dictate our future and then also experiencing the massive confusion when we constantly fail at our attempts to change, when we are obviously placing so much effort into attaining those changes. The subconscious part of the mind runs 95-99% of all metabolic functions in our bodies and it takes over patterns of action that are repetitive, so we don’t have to think about things that occur day in and day out in our lives. If we lived in a childhood of fear, our subconscious mind places us in permanent fight and defense mode. This can interfere with our intimate and non intimate relationships obviously, as people in fear are really hard to get close to on an emotional level. Children who have lived in fear grow into adults who don’t trust anyone and that again is how our past can run our future…….or ruin it……in many cases. There are as many examples as there are people but the abuse of self at the hands of self is always a primary sign that self sabotage is in play.

The study of self sabotage is not an exact field of knowledge. It’s not as easy as 2 + 2 = 4. It’s a guessing game, based on the person studying themselves and knowing how to identify patterns of behavior inside of their daily habits. The best person to study you is you. Inside the seminar I will provide key information on how to start studying yourself and then the rest is up to you. The first seminar is on nutrition, healthy living and why knowing what to eat is never ever the issue regarding getting healthy. The second seminar is on self sabotage, which is the only field of study that will help someone find their way into a long term healthy lifestyle. (without always failing and getting back on the horse etc)

Call 613.932.4766 to register. See you there.