Self sabotage is about two opposing and warring personalities in the mind, living out separate lives simultaneously. A lady approached me two weeks ago and she was very upset. She had a scan and some lumps were found deep inside her breast. I informed her that her lifestyle of weekly alcohol consumption was directly linked to breast cancer growth and spread, as is explained clearly in the article.

She kept up with her 1-2 day per week drinking frequency. Contradiction always means self sabotage is afoot. She appeared terrified of the breast cancer but of course she immediately attended a weekend event where she posted selfies of her drinking again. She wanted advice to reverse the breast cancer but she didn’t want to hear the advice that she demanded I give her. She was drowning in contradiction, which means two or more separate personalities are living inside the mind, all acting out their separate programming. This leads to a life of….”one step forward, one step back, one step forward and one step back.” A life of complete stagnation is always the result, even though the person often has a full schedule and a very busy agenda. Self saboteurs are always super busy being at war with themselves. One action always counteracts the other and of course change never happens because no progress is permitted to happen inside any war. Another word for contradiction is a lie. Lies now live right next to truth inside our minds and it’s our inability to identify those lies that are causing so many people a painful and premature death. In order to live out truth and find true happiness, we must weed out the lies, which often grow inside our minds. Poisoning ourselves with alcohol, dying early and never achieving our full potential…….isn’t a good time, it’s a monumental waste of everything it means to be truly human. Click here to read about the firm connection between alcohol and breast cancer.